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Political meddling & poor training spur corruption in PNG

O’Neill meets Xi: Promises greater cooperation with China

O'Neill and Xi
Peter O'Neill and Xi Xinping - "China highly appreciates PNG for prioritising relations with China in its diplomacy"


BEIJING - Chinese president Xi Jinping has met with Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O'Neill at the second belt and road forum for international cooperation.

Recalling his state visit to PNG in November 2018, Xi said the relationship between China and PNG is at the best period in history.

He said China highly appreciates PNG for prioritising relations with China in its diplomacy and giving solid support to China on issues concerning China's core interests.

“China supports PNG in choosing a development path on its own that is in line with its national conditions.

“China is willing to work with PNG to strengthen coordination and cooperation under the multilateral framework, so as to enhance the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.”

PNG is in a leading position among the Pacific island countries in jointly building the belt and road, Xi said, adding that China and PNG should further expand cooperation and set an example for the island countries in building the belt and road.

China has no self interest in the Pacific island countries, and does not seek the so-called "sphere of influence," Xi said, adding that China will always be a trustworthy friend and partner to these countries.

China and PNG delegations meet in Beijing (Xinhua  Yan Yan)
China and PNG delegations meet in Beijing (Xinhua Yan Yan)

O'Neill expressed congratulations on the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China and on its achievement in economic development and poverty alleviation, which is also a contribution to world peace and development.

O'Neill said President Xi's visit to PNG last year was historic. PNG adheres to the one-China policy, and is willing to enhance cooperation with China under the belt and road framework.

O'Neill also met senior Communist Party official Zhao Leji, who said China is willing to work with PNG to synergise the belt and road Initiative with PNG's development plans.

O'Neill said PNG will learn from China's development experience and the two sides should strengthen cooperation in trade, energy, infrastructure and other fields.


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Lindsay F Bond

Who was the larger-than-life chap who headed an “all-party coalition government” and is celebrated for that memorable oration (speech), yet in the face of almost overwhelming adversity?

The date was 4 June 1940, a bare 79 years ago. On that “finest hour”, his words marked a milestone which resulted in the uplifting of national determination.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_was_their_finest_hour

What a contrast then of latter (more recent) years pre-eminence, they who head a single party governance which would have memory erased of event(s), at and about but particularly 4 June 1989.

That date astonishingly was only 30 years ago. Days later, Australia’s then prime minister Bob Hawke gave a speech inspired by the optimism, vision, idealism and courage of the youth of the nation of that single party governance.

But of overwhelming infliction dealt upon their youthful expression of dissent, Bob Hawke let humanity radiate compassion of Australians for the “unarmed civilian” youth…the youth of which nation?

See: https://speakola.com/political/bob-hawke-tiananmen-square-massacre-memorial-1989

Whether of torches, of tanks, of technology, of trade, of tender (monetary) or of time, tread carefully. Time, for instance, is not only events of milestone and mutuality, but of mutation and entropy (pinisim). So time…triumph and trust, or tediousness and tears, or ‘tekeweim’ and ‘tasol’?

William Dunlop

Corney. Ah La Kung Fu. What's yours is mine and what's mine my own, the O'Neill philosophy.

Corney Korokan Alone

Two well-known ideas at play here.

A diplomacy/business development model built around:

1. Structural Adjustment Policy(SAP).

This is and has been viewed the world over as a flawed scheme that "saps" oxygen from vital organs of state (education, health and social care).

SAP, or whatever the new animal it has attempted to camouflage itself into has been documented to deny any state control over subsides on basic essentials like food and transport. Any questioning and reaction is natural in such approaches.

2. Grant or Loan Arrangements with long term repayment schedules with little nose sniffing into the recipient state's policy formulation space.

Loans and/or grants with reportedly five year grace periods to a state in a "pandabearlious spirit" without meddling in her internal policy considerations ...and equally spiced with competitive interest rates is exactly what's been pointing swinging the pendulum towards the direction it is.

Is that a surprise or cause for alarm?

This is basic humanity and common sense at play.

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