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Work to Serve and Not for Vanity

Porap Gai
Porap Gai - "The humble will be exalted in due time"


All mortals have an innate desire to shine.
Everyone aims for positions of grandeur.
To be elevated higher is a dream for all.
And to be honoured is a dream come true.

But to crave and seek positions grand,
For one’s own honour and fame is vanity.
Self-gain breeds pride and myriad ills
In the end bringing the soul to ruin.

Lucifer’s vanity was in this regard.
He, Lucifer, pursued a higher role,
Wanting to rule as God, dethroning God.
Pride filled his heart and he was cast to hell.

Work for the honour of those you serve.
Serve with humility all mortals ills.
Serve with love unfeigned and deep respect.
A modest and mercy-filled heart is gold.

Execute duties a loyal servant does.
Fulfill your lot in life with true gratitude.
Humility comes before exaltation grand.
The humble will be exalted in due time. 

Porap Gai is a student at Sonoma Adventist college in East New Britain Province. He is studying theology in his final year


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Porap Gai

Everyone looks for position leaving the duties, it is all about PRIDE, P=Position, R=Rule, I=Idolized, D=Dazzle and E=equal.

After all person works for nothing

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