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Some notes from the journal of a glass half full guy

Back selling buai
Selling buai at Pipigari Street in 2012


PORT MORESBY - I sold betel nut for three years from 2010 to 2012 after dropping out of school.

Everything I've learnt was at the buai market. As a buai seller one has time to contemplate life. One also has money to buy phone credits and learn stuff on the internet.

I don't have a diploma or degree but that hasn't stopped me from travelling to Asia, South America, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

One of the most negative mindset our young people have is that they blame the government or their parents or their ‘lack’ of education for being in the hole.I knew I was a victim of the modern capitalist economy but I chose not to continue to be a victim by not blaming others and working towards improving my lot in life.

Yes they may be right but how does blaming others pull you out of the hole you are in.

One thing I've learnt from life experience is that people are attracted to those who contribute to society. For me it was the blogs that I wrote while selling betelnut.

I remember the UN Resident Coordinator meeting me at a reception at his residence for former Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown.

He asked me who I was and I told him I was a buai seller from Pipigari Street, Korobosea.

He looked shocked, so I showed him my invitation from UNDP and told him I had been invited because I've written about the plight of the Basamuk people whom Senator Brown had come to visit.

I'm a half glass full kind of guy. I also prefer to be in control of my own life.

My view is that society doesn't owe anyone anything but we owe it to ourselves to solve our own issues. After all, everyone else around us has their own issues to deal with.


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