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Martyn Namorong
Martyn Namorong - "This is my small shot for the people I've met and the country I love"


PORT MORESBY - On Thursday at 9 am, I got a call to go into camp at the Sanctuary Hotel with Papua New Guinea’s alternate government.

It’s been an eye-opener and a great learning experience about the machinations of PNG politics.

It’s an experience I will always treasure.

Beyond the politics, for our members of parliament is the hard work of running a country.

I have been privileged to have been invited into the opposition engine room to help set the agenda and work plan for a new government to save PNG and rescue our great nation from corruption and debt.

I hope my little contribution to public policy leads to the improvement of lives of ordinary Papua New Guineans.

I think of the people I have met throughout my life in my birth place of Baimuru, and where I spent my primary school days in Kamusie and then my blogging days in Madang, Rempi, Bosmun, Turubu, Tinputz, Kieta, Tsoi Island, Kumdi, etc.

Sometimes policy makers just think of stakeholders and forget that it’s about real people with real lives.

This is my small shot for the people I've met and the country I love.

I hope my little contribution leads to genuine change and improvements in the quality of lives of all Papua New Guineans.

PS, One thing I’ve noted about political camps is when the door is shut and the camp is in lockdown, any MP who comes late knocking will be rejected.

Martyn Namorong is a communications specialist working with the PNG opposition, which is likely to bring on a vote of no confidence in the O’Neill government on Wednesday 15 May


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William Dunlop

O'Neill needs to be aware that when the grim reaper strikes, there'll be no need for pockets in his shroud.

Robin Lillicrapp

Bravo, Martyn.

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