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The 63 MPs who want to end the seven year reign of Peter O’Neill

Alternative Government
The 63 members of the 'Alternative Government' pose for a group photo last night. We list all their names below


PORT MORESBY – The self-declared ‘Alternative Government’ of Papua New Guinea has issued the names of 63 members of parliament who it says have joined a “new government in the making”.

The list was announced by Tari Pori MP and former finance minister James Marape at the opposition’s ‘camp’ at Port Moresby’s Laguna Hotel last night.

With 63 MPs constituting a seven seat majority in the 111-seat parliament, the opposition seems to be in a comfortable position if there is a confidence vote, as is expected when parliament resumes tomorrow.

Patrick Pruaitch remains as opposition leader, although it is unclear whether he would take over as prime minister if the confidence vote resulted in the defeat of the O’Neill government.

Meanwhile, although Peter O’Neill declared yesterday afternoon that he had resigned as prime minister in favour of Sir Julius Chan, he has not yet formalised this.

There is also significant doubt whether this transition would be lawful under PNG’s constitution, which states if there is a vacancy in the office of prime minister the deputy (who is still Charles Abel) will take over in an acting capacity.

Here is the full list of opposition MPs who constitute the ranks of the ‘Alternative Government’:

    1. Opposition Leader and MP for Aitape Lumi-Patrick Pruaitch
      2. MP South Bougainville- Timothy Masiu
      3. MP Moresby South- Sir Mekere Morauta
      4. Governor East Sepik- Allan Bird
      5. MP Vanimo Green- Belden Namah
      6. MP Rabaul- Dr. Allan Marat
      7. MP Sinesine Yongomul- Kerenga Kua
      8. Governor Oro- Gary Juffa
      9. Governor Eastern Highlands- Peter Numu
      10. MP Namatanai- Walter Schnaubelt
      11. MP Kavieng- Ian Ling- Stuckey
      12. MP Wabag- Dr Lino Tom
      13. MP Madang- Bryan Kramer
      14. MP Kairuku Hiri- Peter Iso Aimo
      15. MP Nuku-Joe Sungi
      16. MP NorthFly- James Donald
      17. MP SouthFly- Segie Agisa
      18. MP Kerema- Richard Mendani
      19. MP Kandrian Gloucster- Joseph Lelang
      20. MP NorthBougainville- William Nakin
      21. MP HuonGulf- Ross Seymour
      22. MP Bogia- Robert Naguri
      23. MP Samarai Murua- Isi Henry Leonard
      24. MP Angoram-Salio Waipo
      25. Governor West Sepik- Tony Wouwou
      26. MP TariPori- James Marape
      27. Governor Enga- Sir Peter Ipatas
      28. Governor Jiwaka- Dr. William Tongap
      29. Governor Southern Highlands- William Powi
      30. Governor Hela- Philip Undialu
      31. MP Abau-Sir Puka Temu
      32. Governor Manus- Charlie Benjamin
      33. Governor West New Britain- Sasindran Muthuvel
      34. Governor Western- Taboi Awi Yoto
      35. Governor Morobe- Ginson Saonu
      36. Governor Central- Robert Agarobe
      37. MP Esa’ala-Davis Steven
      38. MP Telefomin- Solan Mirisim
      39. MP Komo Magarima- Manasseh Makiba
      40. MP Maprik- John Simon
      41. MP Wasara Gawi- Joseph Yopiyopi
      42. MP Usino Bundi- Jimmy Uguro
      43. MP Okapa- Saki Soloma
      44. MP Karamui Nomane- Jeffery Kama
      45. MP Daulo- Pogoi Gate
      46. MP Lae-John Roso
      47. MP Finschhafen- Rainbow Paita
      48. MP Goilala- William Samb
      49. MP Tawai Siassi- Dr. Kobby Bomarea
      50. MP Chuave- Wera Mori
      51. MP Imbongu- Pila Niningi
      52. MP Mt. Hagen- William Duma
      53. MP Gazelle- Jelta Wong
      54. MP Bougainville-Joe Lera
      55. MP Middle Ramu- Jonny Alonk
      56. MP Obura Wonenara- Mehrra Kipefa
      57. MP Kundiawa Gembongl- William Onglo
      58. MP Sohe-Henry Amuli
      59. MP Anglimp South Wahgi- Joe Kuli
      60. Governor Simbu- Michael Dua
      61. MP Lagaip Pogera- Tomait Kapili
      62. MP Ijivitari- Richard Masere
      63. MP Kombiam Ambum- John Pundari


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Paul Oates

Perhaps I should elucidate on my last adage and translate it into the vernacular:

'One sip of SP doesn't satisfy the full satisfaction of drinking the rest of the bottle. It merely titivates and creates an anticipated expectation.'

There, that sounds more appropriate.

Paul Oates

Time will tell Keith. If we see a genuine and consistent attempt emerge in order to create a better deal for PNG, follow through with the Ombudsman's attempts at anti-corruption and a return to responsible and accountable government, I will be very happy to admit my prejudgement was awry.

As it stands at the moment however, where is the stated benchmark that any new government (i.e. all members), must meet in fairness, honesty and integrity?

Lau etaia las! Mi no lukim.

One swallow does not a summer make!

Philip Fitzpatrick

Those many good men have a monumental task ahead of them but I don't doubt they can do it.

If they pull it off they will hopefully attract more good men to their cause and be able to weed out the rotten apples in their numbers.

This may very well be the transformational point in PNG governance that everyone has been waiting for.

I just hope that O'Neill has run out of tricks and that the Australian government stays right out of it.

Lindsay F Bond

Thank you Gary and Henry and Richard.

Head says yes to heartfelt tears at villages adorned with defunct aid posts and structures for education where teachers await award wages and approach is by roads but only by foot traffic, as parliamentary promises fail to translate into the language of local level love of fellow citizens.

Paul Oates

The basic tenet that seems to bind these MP's together is simply a desire to change leaders.

If that is the case, exactly what will change if the leader is changed?

Where is the manifesto, giving a commitment to all PNG people, that all these aspirants should sign before tomorrow's deadline, and therefore then be held accountable for?

Husat ibin lukim displa toksave bilo ol a?

I think that's at least unkind, Paul. There are many good men in that group of politicians and, as it happens, it is the good men who have been the driving force behind what is an intricate process of change. This is not change for the sake of change. It is change because change had become a necessity. As for the paperwork, let's wait and see. This story has a long way to go and O'Neill still figures in it hugely - KJ

Philip Fitzpatrick

On my count there are about eight members who are honest and trustworthy.

The rest of them are either unknowns or known crooks and conmen.

I wonder whether those eight can keep their dubious fellow members under control.

That is, of course, whether they actually make it to government.

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