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Plea to Marape: New PM asked to reinstate sacked whistleblower

Uphold laws, live in harmony & achieve prosperity, says Marape

JAMES MARAPE MP | Prime Ministerial Statement

James Marape
James Marape - "We want peaceful and law-abiding citizens who can contribute to nation-building"

PORT MORESBY – I am motivated by leaders who refuse to accept money to see change and good governance.

They are offered money, they are offered jobs but they stick to their commitment for the good of the people and country.

I appeal to Papua New Guineans, the least you can do is to respect your children, the girls and women amongst us.

You respect society by living peacefully, respecting each other despite our ethnic differences, our political differences, our religious differences.

You will realise where we are. We need greater incursion into how we harvest our natural resources.

Many of our corporate citizens will feel a little bit doubtful, will feel a little bit intimidated, a little bit insecure. But you must not feel that way.

When PNG is safe, when PNG is secured economically, when PNG is robust and growing, businesses will flourish and reap deserved rewards.

You need PNG to be strong, stable, prosperous and wealthy. And that is why I am in the business of making huge decisions in as far as resource laws are concerned.

We will do it very slowly. I’m looking at 2025 in which we will migrate to a new legislative framework.

Whatever changes we intend to do in the next one or two years will be prospective.

I appeal to Papua New Guineans to respect and uphold the laws so the country can prosper harmoniously.

Every extra kina spent on maintaining law and order could otherwise be saved and spent on schools, education, health and infrastructure.

I appeal to everyone nationwide, especially my people of Hela and the region, to help transform communities into peaceful and law-abiding citizens who can contribute to nation-building unabated.


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Kenny Pawa Ambaisi

Prime Minister, continue to speak it. Let your words become a signpost for you and for us too.

We (you, prime minister, and us, the people) will fail only when we don't stick to what we speak.

Otherwise we can change for the better if we act upon our words.

William Dunlop

Well prime minister Marape, the ball is entirely in your court.

The article prior to your ministerial statement in PNG Attitude relates to regional engineer Alios being railroaded from his position in Lae by the present Incumbent holding the position of secretary of the Department of Works.

Mr Alios's credibility as regional manager more than speaks for itself.

I held the position of AOMS regional financial controller many years ago in the department in Lae.

Later I transferred to HQ in Boroko as Inspector Management Services. Then under-secretary Pius Kerepia offered me the newly created position of Assistant Secretary Finance and Budgets.

I declined due to having accepted a position as a managing director in private industry.

Prime Minister, I wish you every success in the challenging road that lays ahead of you and Papua New Guinea. God Bless.

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