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Pawa - ProstitutesPAWA KENNY AMBAISI

PORT MORESBY – During his time in office now ousted prime minister Peter O’Neill sign off on some controversial issues like the $1.2 billion UBS loan and dismantling Task Force Sweep but he wouldn’t sign the Prostitution Act, which was a blessing for the people of Papua New Guinea.

“I commend the O’Neill government’s decision not to legalise prostitution in Papua New Guinea,” Deborah Kai of Mt Hagen wrote a letter published in The National newspaper The government, in its power and wisdom, has saved Papua New Guinea from definite destruction.

“Through not allowing prostitution, the daughters of this country have been saved from degradation. PNG has been saved from turning to prostitution and the floodgate of wickedness has been prevented from being opened.”

I concur strongly with Deborah that prostitution is not good for the people of Papua New Guinea. It can only curse our lives and our country.

This is because Papua New Guinea is constituted as Christian nation.

Marriage and family life is a perfect gift of God.  That’s why many people say that marriage, worshipping God and full obedience to the Word of God are sacred things. In marriage and family life, God must be the centre.

However, many marriages happen without proper process. Godly principles are overlooked as in the Roman Empire where the ruler decided to practice polygamy.

Consequently, many marriages and families face lots of problems. Couples argue and experience violence. On the other hand, young people live together without marriage.

Thus there is instability in the family. The rates of divorce, unplanned pregnancy and family and sexual violence are very high.

Related to this, commitment to community and public service are low, corruption skyrockets and violence is felt within every family unit. Governing bodies are dishonoured by bribery, the ‘big-man’ culture and the ‘who-you-know’ custom.

The devil is behind this failing of marriage and humanity, enticing people to think that marriage and family are unimportant.

This thinking ends up with people perceiving that marriage is just something for two people to come together for a moment, have sex and go their separate ways.

Uniting two people in marriage is holy. And the Apostle Paul told us that it is the will of God that you should abstain from sexual immorality.

So should we legalise prostitution in Papua New Guinea? No. Not at all.

If a government legalises it, that will only bring a curse on our land.


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