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Airways Hotel

"dark and cool / spreading out under / an old DC3"


Lyrics of a tribute to one of Port Moresby’s favourite hotels, along with
another great six new Simon Jackson songs you can listen to in full here

caught the drillers plane
from Lae
bumping down onto
a white hot
Mosbi runway
still looks just the same
but no one's at the gate

didn't think I'd ever be
coming home again
I get the strangest sense 

past the wires
drooping in heat
think I remember this street
into the

dark and cool
spreading out under
an old DC3
waterfall echo
and the sweetest AC
floating round
in a tropical spell
Airways Hotel

"my first beer for weeks / looking into / misty jungle peaks"

geckos on the wall
flowers and fragrance
drifting down the hall
colours ablaze

I'm home and away
never saw heaven so well
at Airways Hotel

my first beer for weeks
looking into
misty jungle peaks
kids laughing in the pool
so blue

never felt peace
like I do right here
in the Airways Hotel


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Graham King

The DC3 is still on the poles between the Air Niugini head office and the Gateway.
The Airways DC3 is set up as a bar.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I'll take your word for it Graham, I've never been able to afford the Airways.

I just recall that the DC3 on the pole used to be across the road from the Gateway.

Graham King

The photos are definitely of the Airways.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I think Simon may be talking about the Gateway Hotel judging by the photographs. It's been there a lot longer than the more upmarket Airways.

We'll put it down to poetic licence - KJ

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