Don Hogg – old school journo cut his teeth in PNG
Colonial wars much bloodier in Australia than Papua

Death of Decency (Part I)


| An entry in the 2019 Crocodile Prize Award for Poetry

Today we watch with sadness as they create this mess
Today we watch them spit out respect
Like they spit betel nut on the dirty cement
Today they throw lies in our faces
As we watch races laugh in our faces

Today we hear cries of our mothers
Our sisters
Our fathers
Our brothers
Our ancestors must have turned in their graves

Today we sing prayers like warriors going to war
But where does this war lead to?
Do we fight under the skies so blue?
And who will fight with us?
For us?

I guess it’s all a ruse for their muse
We'll never know
That's for sure
Today we watch our voice get shot!
They are ruthless
They don't care about us

They eat the fattest pigs for dinner
And drive around in golden cars from China
I guess it is true what they say now
They've made a deal with the devil
And gave us bones for the picking

I am telling you
It really is the death of decency!!!


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Michael Dom

Glad to read your observations Marie-Rose.

I think you've got your finger on their pulse.

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