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Feminine Bureaucrat


| An entry in the 2019 Crocodile Prize Award for Poetry

White-collar, blue-collar or pink-collar,
Makes no difference when it comes to dollar,

However, it does make a difference,
Mainly when it’s feminine preference,

In a masculine rule norm society,
Where male like to maintain his dignity,

Thankfully it’s not the same anymore,
We are moving forward to the future

Be sure to swim, sink, or float with the tide,
Coz feminine bureaucrat is her pride,

Undoubtedly she has acquired knowledge,
Her potential is now being acknowledge,

Once traditionally marginalised,
But now it’s obviously modernised,

There is no looking back into the past,
Society’s norms are changing so fast,

Accepting feminine bureaucracy,
A stepping stone, positive legacy, 

Masculine and Feminine unity,
Evidence of gender equality!


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Michael Dom

Worthy ideals Roslyn.

I like that first couplet.


Roslyn Tony

The attached picture and the first line, white collar, blue collar or pink complements the poem nicely. Impressive. Thank you.

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