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Kula Voyage


| An entry in the Crocodile Prize Poetry Award

The conch shell breathes a haunting whisper
While my lizard skinned drum resonates deeper
The lone figure awaits on the hill top
Mr Sun still shines before he'll eventually drop
A starry night welcomes the end of the day
My feet embrace the feeling of the earthy clay
Gradually the jungle emits the jungle symphony
This natural choral orchestra pleading to see

I await the glimpse of a sail from afar
Eagerly anticipating through this door that's ajar
How majestic it glides it's dancing in the breeze
This Kula voyage cruiser everyone at ease
Expertly swaying on the wave that it rides
Soothing my heart my anxiety subsides

The village is a whirlpool of stratospheric celebration
The younger sailors having been baptized
now coming home for graduation
A feast of a massive proportion
Arise stories of adventure and mishap
with jaw-dropping concentration

Our music is ethnic our rhythms are tribal
we have lived 10,000 lifetimes don't misinterpret the Bible
I leave my perch atop the hill
Nothing right now is all so still
My face behind my mask of paint
Everyone waiting the emergence of this primal saint
Standing amongst my fellow clansman
the head of the chosen few the mysterious shaman

In my left hand is my palai-skinned gong
Awaiting the finale of this epic song
Another setting of this eastern sun
Till the next voyage the next run
As we all stood in our pandanus G-string
letting the last notes of that tribal orchestra sing.


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Bernard Corden

Dear Jezreel, Such a beautiful concise response that aligns with Guy Claxton's worldview. The human brain does not make decisions it merely hosts conversations.

Many behaviourists embrace Watson and Skinner's black box psychology, which is often exacerbated by an extremely narrow and militaristic perception of culture as the way we do things around here.

This typically disregards critical concepts such as embodiment and personhood and undermines communities of practice, interaffectivity, incidental learning, ecoliteracy and discernment. We know far more than we can say.

The black box psychology of behaviourism attempts to square the circle and turn our 3.14159 recurring subjective minds (the head, heart and gut) into one objective brain and ignores the dynamic power of the collective unconscious.

Decision making throughout our lives is nothing like a sterile accounts ledger or an event tree analysis diagram littered with binary and/or gates.

Indeed many important decisions such as getting married, having children, buying a house or purchasing a car are neither ration or irrational and are more often arational.

Jezreel Dickson

Thank you Michael and Bernard, our mind and soul must always take heed of the heart.

Michael Dom

I think poetics brings the correcting balance to scientific mentality and that the multiverse is vast and complex enough to absorb both.

Bernard Corden

A wonderful piece, poetics is the nemesis of scientism

Michael Dom

I want to raise this poem and call out to Jezreel for more.

It is a magnificent creation.

It sings and soars.

It restores history to me.

It returns the spirit of who we are and who we can be, again.

Michael Dom

A well composed poem Jezreel.

Your effort has paid off in smooth and regular rhythm and rhyme.

I like the amusing way your awaited hero is described as a primal saint to join the throng of dancers in pandanus g-strings.

Sounds exactly right to me.

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