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Practice ParliamentWENDY MORONA

| An entry in the Crocodile Prize Poetry Awards

I am a woman,
A mother to my children.

I am an endurer,
I bear my children in pain with patience.

I am a teacher,
I mentor and encourage my children.

I am a nurse,
I care and offer health as the first priority.

I am a cook,
I provide sufficient food for every day.

I am a psychologist,
I can tell when my children are not okay.

I am an economist,
I make wise decisions for my children.

So If I can be anyone,
Why am I not making decisions

For my children in the parliament?


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Michael Dom

An interesting gathering of points for an argument.

Although I'm not convinced that one thing necessarily leads to another - otherwise false equivalence abounds.

For example, someone else might say, I am a man who takes care of his children / So why am I not allowed custody when divorced?

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