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Women who died in Karida massacre were community anchors

Huge response to petition to strengthen PNG literature

FlagAt last count, 315 people from around the world have signed a petition asking the Marape government to make home-grown literature in Papua New Guinea a powerful cultural & social force. 

Many of PNG's best known writers have shown their support and have been joined by supporters of a strong PNG literature from within PNG, across Australia and around the world.

These people understand the struggle of PNG's authors, short story writers, poets and commentators to have their books and magazines available especially in schools, universities and libraries.

Prime minister James Marape will be asked to help bring PNG's talented writers to the world and, more importantly, to the people of Papua New Guinea.  

Download Petition & Names here

The PNG Attitude story by Phil Fitzpatrick  published in 2016
If you want to know more about the unsteady development of PNG literature, you can buy Phil Fitzpatrick's  enthralling 'Fighting for a Voice' from Amazon here




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Johnny Blades

I support

Col Young

National literature begets community cohesion.

That's true, Col. And aided and abetted by pride in country - KJ

Paul Flanagan

Strongly supported

Arthur Smedley

I am with you. Please add my name to the list.

Robert Muka

I am with you.

Arnold Mundua

Sorry I am late but include me in, I am for it.

Imelda Iyabara

I am in.

Harry Topham

Make it 251.

Robert Seneka

The only way in preserving our history, culture, tradition, lifestyle and livelihood is true PNG literature. I fully supported the initiative.

Thank you

Richard Toyou

I am in full support.

Gina Samar

Wanbel stap

Gideon Endo

The soul of this nation

Craige Brown

I support

Bernard Corden

"The proper study of mankind is books" -Aldous Huxley

Count me in

Kenny Pawa Ambaisi

Worthy cause.

Cyril Atung

I am in support of PNG literature.

Robin Lillicrapp

A worthy cause indeed.

Faumuina Felolini Tafunai

Total support from the colder climes of the Pacific. Wan solwara.

Michael Dom

This call on the PNG Attitude website and the history of our struggle for the Crocodile Prize will go down in history as significant milestone events marking the awakening into a new era for Papua New Guinea, an era of culturally relevant literary development.

We writers already know this to be true and right, for we will write it and live it from this day forth.

Thank you to our early staunch supporters for being there for us as readers and commentators, and joining in our cultural change, our literary revolution.

Assistant Pig Keeper

Monica Minnegal


Ed Brumby

Lock me in

Raymond Komis Girana

I would love to have my name included as well. 203 is not the number!

Hon Prime Minister James Marape
This manifesto is our story
It is our story of love like in 'Agape'
Please let us make it our history
That will be remembered as your story


Wardley Barry

Simon Ellis

Write on!

Tanya Zeriga-Alone

Count me in.

Kenta Pora

I fully support this call. Count me in.

Peter Dwyer

Very important

Dave Ekins

Dave Ekins

Barbara Short

Count me in!

Elizabeth Cox

Full support.

Almah Tararia

I fully support this call. Count me in.

Nicole George

I support this - local voices need to be heard in all their diversity.

Daisy Daurobona

I've always loved reading and writing so I fully support this menifesto, as I would like to see books and libraries come to life one day. Please add my name.

Richard Dinnen | Cairns

I support this manifesto. More than any nation, Papua New Guinea needs to develop written story-telling.

I spent three years telling PNG stories on radio & TV. It frustrates me how little there is about PNG in books and literature.

You have great stories, and PNG people are great story tellers. Do it now. For your country, your children, your future.

Tell your stories - develop a thriving literature in English AND in language.

Richard Dinnen (ABC PNG correspondent 1999-2001)

Wendy Glassby

History is stories. Writers write stories. A nation is invisible if its stories are (perhaps) being written and yet not available to be read. Writers and readers together imagine a nation.

Chris Overland

I wish my name to be added to those supporting this petition.

Without an indigenous literature, how can Papua New Guineans know their own history and tell their own stories?

The creation of a body of indigenous literature is a prerequisite for the nation to be able to discover and define itself as something greater than its constituent parts.

Hannah Brimstone

Hannah Brimstone

Philip Kai Morre

Having books in schools is equally important to increase intellectual ability rather than emphasising too much on infrastructure development. Books transmit knowledge and wisdom. The education department needs to buy books produced by local writers.

Dino Naing

What is a nation, without words to tell its story! Reader and supporter.

Raymond Sigimet

Count me in!

Murray Bladwell

Murray Bladwell

Pole Kale

I'm a supporter of PNG literature.

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