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A Tale Foretold


| An entry in the Crocodile Prize Poetry Award

From generations on was it told
Long before we were conceived
It was written among the stars
Through the galaxies it roamed

It was foretold throughout the ages
Travelling through time and space
We wait, for it to be fulfilled
Till it finally found its place

In our hearts, deep in our souls
In the most awkward of situations
When we've lost all hope in love
When we felt unlovable with our imperfections

Behind those flaws, we see perfection
Behind this sadness, there's desire for happiness
Behind those scars, we see beauty
Behind this cold heart, there's kindness

We sailed, whilst they stared in awe
Through the rough seas, we sailed on with faith
Seeing no land in the horizon, yet at ease
On the wings of our sails, love brought us forth

It was meant to be, thus it will be
Ours may not be a perfect story
But it fulfilled its divine purpose
For our generations to come, their history


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