A policeman’s story: tackling symptoms but not causes in PNG
Climate change - & the deafness of those unwilling to face reality



I was abducted early in the morning when I was on my way to school. I was grabbed from behind and wrestled to the ground, a knee pinning my neck, my face in earth soaked from the morning dew.

The attack came suddenly from a dark patch of shrubbery near the track. I was caught off guard and could not react in time to fend it off.

“Be still or you will be in grave danger,” a man’s voice warned.

I felt his stale breath on my neck. It stank of an unwashed, unclean mouth. It was nauseating.

He removed my billum, which containing some books and notes, and flung it into the forest cover.

“Try to escape and you’ll be in grave danger,” he repeated. Now I could see he was wearing a mask. His voice contained a hint of fear.

Etched on his left wrist was a tattoo - a tree kangaroo and dolphin. The mask was a tattered green camouflage beanie with holes cut for the eyes.

I was still in shock and couldn’t think properly. It had been assailed and kidnapped.

He tied my wrists together behind me using a bush vine. My arms throbbed with pain.

Kirap sindaun!” he commanded and manhandled me so I was kneeling before him. He then blindfolded me with a piece of dirty cloth. He didn’t do a good job and it came loose. He then forced a piece of rolled-up cloth in my mouth.

I felt like vomiting.

I was a trapped animal in a hunter’s trap. Fear and helplessness stabbed at me.

“I need a plan of action before I’m hurt or killed by this madman,” I thought.

I could now see the masked man had no harmful weapon on him.

“I have to escape ... I have to think of something quickly.” My thoughts gave me an ounce of courage.

 “Kirap nau na stat wokabaut!” he commanded, tugging at my shirt. “I’m taking you to be with the others.”

He grasped my left elbow and forced me to walk away from the track and into the bush.

“This world … cataclysmic end … will be blown to smithereens … this corrupted world … going to end … soon!” he mumbled incoherently.

“The Apocalypse … has to be fast tracked … now. For we will all … at the mercy of … the One World Government … and the Anti-Christ!”

He paused and spoke to me, his bad breath infiltrating my nostrils. His eyes searched mine. If he wanted to see fear, I let him look into my eyes.

“I am saving you and the others from sure doom and misery! We must make way for the Apocalypse!”

His fervent rant was becoming hysterical and I realised I was held captive by a lunatic madman.

We walked for some time through the forest undergrowth. His obsessive talk was all about the end-time and One World Government.

I tried my best to understand the reason for my abduction.

This man was a demented survivalist. If he said there are other victims who have fallen prey to his kidnapping, they were probably holed up some place we were headed to.

I had to think of something before this crazy end-time warrior took me there.

Then I heard the sound of people’s voices and barking dogs heading in our direction.

The man stopped suddenly and I saw my chance of escape.

Gathering my strength, I ducked low away from his hold on me to give myself traction. Then I head-butted him under his chin at the same time lifting my right knee into his groin.

My head-butt shocked him and the knee jerk left him yelping with pain. He fell down whimpering.

I ran towards the voices.

They were pig hunters and they manhandled the crazy man and forced him to lead us to where he had hid two other kidnapped students. They were tied to a tree a few hundred meters from where I was rescued.

I am now back in school. The masked man is serving time.

I was informed he is confined on an undisclosed island prison having been found guilty of kidnapping and deprivation of rights and liberty.

A psychological examination ordered by the courts deemed him unstable in mind and unfit for human cohabitation.


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