Breaking the hearts of our Pacific friends & neighbours
Trying times in Tuvalu – no step up for climate change

Colonisation will not cut it any more in our beloved islands

Corney Alone - "It was crystal clear that Australia’s attempted bullying was sponsored  from the pouch of the coal and fossil fuel industry"


PORT MORESBY – They were very strong words from the Fijian prime minister, Frank Bainimarama: the sentiments of the rest of the Pacific Islands leaders captured in his views.

“China never insults the Pacific," Bainimarama said. "They don’t go down and tell the world that we’ve given this much money to the Pacific islands. They don’t do that.

"They’re good people, definitely better than Morrison, I can tell you that. The [Australian] prime minister was very insulting, very condescending, not good for the relationship….”

My own prime minister, James Marape, upon returning from Tuvalu acknowledged that "there is a climate change crisis in the region".

He further stated that he "will be vocal about it when he attends the United Nations General Assembly meeting in September this year".

Australia, or any other so-called leader of the free world, must know that Pacific Islands people value relationships.

We are also observant. With the advent of internet service, all the information is readily available. We can see what is fluff and what is genuine.

The days of corporate media controlled messaging soundbites are over. Unadulterated news is coming from individuals everywhere who are fulfilling their global citizenship responsibilities.

Like everyone else, we pay more attention to actions than any fluff around "this is our turf" dogma.

That patch dogma must match your kangaroo pouch so Pacific Islands people to feel more accommodated and genuinely cared for.

At this leaders’ meeting, it was crystal clear that Australia’s views and attempted bullying were sponsored expressions from the pouch of the coal and fossil fuel industry. Period.

Australia’s expressed disdain for the legitimate views of the Pacific Islands leaders (equally doubled down by the ill-informed and shamefully shallow views of the deputy prime minister of Australia) whose people are sinking and dying were painful and heart wrenching to watch and read.

Thinking, intelligence and value judgement are not the exclusive commodity for the Atlantic alliance, OECD or any so-called ‘made it already’ camp.

Human beings, irrespective of their social, economic standing in the sea or the stratosphere are endowed by this inalienable right to think and react accordingly.

Colonisation will not cut it any more in our beloved Pacific Islands.

Some re-thinking and real Pacific Islands embrace is in order. Otherwise, the stench around dollar-coated diplomacy will no longer wash on the 21st century Pacific Islands turf.


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