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Our Today, Their Tomorrow

Their tomorrow (Unicef)JUNIOR GAIRO ENARA

| An entry in the Crocodile Prize Poetry Award

Day by day our lives unfold,
Every minute every hour our story is written, and to them
One day will be told.

The scares and tears of today carve and shape their tomorrow.
Will tomorrow bring him prosperity or poverty?
Will tomorrow bring her joy or will tomorrow bring her sorrow?

Life grins and dances and mocks our faith.
It taunts us with the trials that they are to one day face.

Is he prepared, is she ready?
What lessons from today will they tomorrow carry?

What have we done? Have we done enough?
The road we are building for tomorrow today
Will it be smooth? Or will it be rough?

Look back at your footprints, did they leave them a Mark?
Or have your prints faded and been left
To sink deep into the mud.

The trail you leave today, will it guide him well tomorrow?
The trees you plant today, will it be her shade or a wombat's burrow.
The very seeds you sow today, will their harvest feed them well tomorrow?

What have you done today?
Is it bad or is it good?

For every trail you leave, a path for them to follow.
Where are you planting your foot?

Our time will pass and their time will come.
Our days will one day be done.

Make ready a path that will guide them well when followed.
Remember it’s our today but it's their tomorrow.


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