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The Internet Forest

Internet jungleSIMON DAVIDSON

The internet is a forest,
Not a forest of teak or balsa trees,
But a forest of viral networks myriad.

The internet is a forest,
Running on mega speed cables,
Freighting megabytes of information.

The internet is a forest,
A forest of possible paths,
To link myriads of computers.

The internet is a forest,
An information super highway,
A portal to any computer anywhere.

The internet is a forest,
An ecosystem with dazzling awe,
To the curious onlooker.

The internet is a forest,
To easily get lost and trapped
In its web of alluring vices.

The internet is forest-
Also a path to enriching views-
To catch glimpses of grandeur.

The internet is a forest,
Of a zillion paths to everywhere,
Open 24/7 to all mortals.

The internet is a forest,
And the choice of click,
Determines one’s path.

The internet is a forest-
And where one ends up,
Is determined by the click(s).


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Michael Dom

And there are wild animals roaming it.

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