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A Voice for West Papua


Hey, l bet you look to the West
Beyond that mountain crest
And see far beyond that ridge
Do you see across that valley?
Smoke and flames rising?
Raging upon the western skies?

Hey, I bet you stop by and think
About what lies far beyond
Our shared mountain ridges,
Reflect upon the bond we share
And you shall feel yet for sure
They pain they cannot bear

Hey, let us not pretend to be
Like the blind that cannot see
For the colours of the rising flames
Can be seen from a distant far
And for us to be close it shames
For they know all our names

Hey, let us stop by and listen
To that outrageous groan 
On the other side of the valley
A brother gets beaten
His blood spills to the ground
As bullets pierce through his belly

For how long should they bleed?
To uphold the remnants of their fate
Longing and fighting to be freed
Yet we seem to be hiding our faces
Behind that golden plate we got served
The chefs have even abandoned

What must our ancestors think of us?
To stand aside and watch in betrayal?
To know the truth, yet nod in denial
What have we done to show we care?
If we cannot take up the bow and arrow
At least we can raise our voices
For their tomorrow


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