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Anita Simon
Anita Simon - "I confidently sat on my desk, thought deeply and replied, 'I want to be a professionally trained accountant'”


SONOMA - I am from the Mul Baiyer District of the Western Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea.

Baiyer is a fertile place, abundant with food. My parents are original inhabitants. They’re subsistence farmers. I’m their third born, three brothers, one sister. The two elder brothers and my sister are unemployed.

It was exciting being a child in the village but my family migrated to Port Moresby in search of better opportunities. I completed my primary and high school in Port Moresby. In Grade 7, my class matron asked me about my future ambition for when I completed my studies.

I confidently sat on my desk, thought deeply and replied, “I want to be a professionally trained accountant”.

“Anita,” she said, “Congratulations on your dream. Continue your study.”

And then she said, “I want to share with you some inspiration. Put God first and your dreams second. He is the giver of success. When you put him first in your life, He will open new doors and make your dream come true and everything will flows into your life, like life-giving water.”

I was inspired by her words and put God first in my life. This has helped me achieve amazing success.

When I was accepted to attend Gerehu Secondary School in 2014 to do Grade 9, I was so delighted.

But with the opportunity came a challenge. I had no one to pay my school fees. I tasked myself to find my own way to pay the fees and sold goods after school. In this way I paid for my own tuition fees from Grade 9 until I completed my Grade 12 in 2017, although I still lived with my relatives.

When I completed my studies in 2017, I filled in the school leaver’s form and included Sonoma Adventist College, where I was accepted into business studies. It was a moment of great fulfillment. My acceptance was a ticket to pursue my dream to be an accountant.

When I arrive at the beautiful campus and registered for the program, I found that the fee was high. So I developed a plan to earn money by buying and selling different types of goods like flex, biscuits and soft drinks.

I don’t get a lot of income, but it all goes to pay my tuition fee. As a young woman, I think the struggle and hardship I face is more challenging. But I’m determined and have hope to succeed.

Life is not smooth sailing, rain and sunshine, heartbreaks and joys, pain and pleasure. But these are things that work to shape a person’s life. I keep reminding myself that the storms I face now will not be the same in the future.

I have planted my feet in this college built by God’s visionary servants to train energetic and bright young people of this nation.

And soon, after six years of dreaming, praying, toiling and sacrifice, my dream of becoming a professionally trained accountant is about to come true.

This year, I am studying management accounting. The training has given wings to my dream. I look forward to the day when I will walk the aisle and stand on the lofty platform to receive my advance diploma in management accounting and graduate with the class of 2019.

Then my dream will come true. My own success story, and those of other women from the country, will help change people’s perceptions, especially in rural communities, about the role women can play in developing our society for the better.

I also believe that in a man’s world, where stereotyping and belittling of woman exists, I still have a place for my dreams.

I can stand to make a unique contribution to my nation and make the world a better place.


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