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Bougainville atolls people given chance to vote

Magalut leaves harbour carrying a 12-person referendum team to Bougainville's remote atolls

| Bougainville Referendum Commission

BUKA – Last Friday a voter enrolment team from the Bougainville Referendum Commission departed for the remote Tasman and Mortlock atolls.

The trip to the atolls had been frustrated for weeks by bad weather and the lack of a suitably sized boat to safely make the often rough crossing to the two isolated communities.

The enrolment team, travelling on the charter vessel Magalut, will provide opportunities for all eligible atoll dwellers to vote in November’s referendum on the political future of Bougainville.

“We now have a small window to quickly get to the atolls where we estimate around 1,000 people may want to enrol to vote,” said chief referendum officer Mauricio Claudio.

“Although the number of expected voters is small compared to the 202,000 enrolled already, we are committed to sparing no effort to ensure that everyone entitled to vote in the referendum is enrolled.

“These are very isolated Bougainville communities, but our motto for the referendum from the start has been to make it as inclusive as humanly possible.”

The team of 12 includes 10 enrolment and awareness officials and two Bougainville police service officers. One group will disembark on Mortlock whilst the second will continue on to enrol people on the Tasman atoll.

“A large number of atoll people now live elsewhere in PNG, so we’ll use this trip to verify that all non-resident Bougainvilleans names are eligible voters,” Mr Claudio said.

“This is not only the first time in Bougainville and national elections that persons have been offered the opportunity to check and challenge inclusion on a preliminary roll, but also the first time that enrolments outside Bougainville have been verified within Bougainville.

“It shows our level of commitment to a quality referendum roll.”


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