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Joseph Nobetau responds to his surprise dismissal by John Momis

Joseph Nobetau
Joseph Nobetau - “I believe in adhering to due process. That is all that I ask"


BUKA - Ousted chief secretary to the Bougainville government, Joseph Nobetau, has remained firm in the belief that the law will be on his side to acquit him of charges brought against him by the Bougainville cabinet that saw his dismissal.

“Whilst I accept that, in this case, some members have issues with my performance and conduct, it is a fact that constitutionally the final decision regarding termination must rest with the Bougainville senior appointments committee,” Mr Nobetau said.

“This is a process that I have always fully respected and this is evidenced by the fact that to date I have petitioned a number of department heads for misconduct.

“I believe in adhering to due process. That is all that I ask in relation to the matters now being raised.”

Mr Nobetau explained he has always acted consistently with the mandated powers and functions of the office of chief secretary as prescribed by law.

“I accept that over the past year it has been difficult for me to engage with the president,” he said.

“This is because he has been extremely unwell and, for the best part of the current year, outside Bougainville.

“I maintain, however, that I have always remained in touch via email and through official correspondence to President Momis and all members of the cabinet and as recently as last I week I wrote appealing to again be able to meet in person.

“With respect to engagement with the PNG national government, I have always acted on the instruction of the president in progressing reform,” Mr Nobetau said.

“With my counterpart I was instrumental in formalising the charter for the Bougainville Referendum Commission (BRC). I performed my role as transitional commissioner, which included putting in place much of the enabling environment for the BRC.”


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