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Evari - Pacific Adventist University Creative Writing Class
The Pacific Adventist University creative writing class


PORT MORESBY – I saw a Facebook post the other day that read “you may never know where your passion can take you, unless you pick it up and run with it”.

Well, since my last article on my journey as a Papua New Guinean author, I’ve been running with it.

In doing this I have visited five schools to talk about writing and hosted a free information session at the National Library on writing and publishing.

They have included Paradise Colleague, St Joseph’s International Colleague, Sunrise Bethel Christian School, Caritas Primary School and Pacific Adventist University.

But I didn’t just travel with my passion, I met so many different people with different backgrounds and personalities.

And although my journey was intended to inspire and motivate them, I ended up being inspired and motivated myself.

Now, I wake up everyday and tell myself, “I want to do better than yesterday, the day before or even all the other days”.

So what a journey it has been so far.

Evari - Paradise College Students
Caroline with Paradise College students

On 7 August, I visited Paradise Colleague, located within Skyview Estate outside Port Moresby, to speak to the Grade 10 students.

Language and literature teacher and fellow Papua New Guinean author, Samantha Kusari, invited me a week before the students began to study literature.

On 9 August, I presented at the Book Week program at St Joseph’s International College to an audience of parents, teachers and students from pre-school to Grade 12.

On 16 August, I met with the principal of the Sunrise Bethel School and on 3 September, in conjunction with the PNG National Library and Archives, I hosted a free information session on writing and publishing in PNG to 12 people.

I will be hosting another free session on 30 September at the same place – the National Library in Port Moresby - and have extended the invitation to students from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Evari - First Information Session at the National Library
Caroline's first information session at the National Library

The benefit of this session is that people walk away with knowledge of:

  • How to develop themselves as writers

  • The benefits of writing

  • What to write about in PNG

  • How and where to publish

  • Motivating yourself to complete your writing

On 5 September, I spent the afternoon inspiring Pacific Adventist University’ss first ever creative writing class.

Each student had just finished writing a short autobiography and my session generated a lot of interest, especially on the process of publishing.

On 9 September, I visited Caritas Primary School where I had separate sessions with each class sharing one of my children’s storybooks published by Library for All, ‘Old Mulga and the Pawpaw Tree’.

Evari - Caritas Primary School
The eager students of Caritas Primary School

Before my visit to Caritas, the students and teachers spent a week studying my books and preparing questions which I was able to discuss with them after the reading sessions.

Each class also did a survey of the most interesting story and had them posted on their notice boards. It was a pleasant surprise and brought tears to my eyes.

Most of the students’ interest was around stories about nature, traditional art and knowledge.

From 27-30 October, I will finally be in Oro Province visiting at least three schools – one elementary, one primary and one secondary.

This self-driven project has seen a lot of generous individuals come forward with support and I am so grateful. They have purchased books for free distribution, provided transport, lunches, venues and even paid for a plane ticket.

May you all be rewarded abundantly for your kindness.

Remember, all you need is passion and along the way the help you need will come.


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Baka Bina

I walked late into Caroline's presentation on Monday at the National Library and came away enthralled, along with 29 others, as she weaved through her Powerpoint presentation.

It was an impressive presentation that was well structured and laid out the nuances of writing. She kept the budding authors and writers interested to the end.

I congratulate Caroline for this venture and the more it gets traction we may get a million writers who should publish a million works.

One thing I came away with was that there was plenty of opportunity for playwrights - an opportunity begging to be taken. The Port Moresby Arts Theatre will definitely be interested.

The bonus from Caroline is we were able to upload a copy of her Powerpoint presentation. Thank you Caroline and I wish you best endeavors in Oro - your next scheduled stop on this rood to waking the sleeping to consider writing.

Baka Bina

I have said this lady can make you tear up and cry when she captures words on paper.
That is the art of writing - to evoke a persons mind and bring emotions out with words. Very few people have it and Carolyn Evari is among some of the few who has learned to craft that well
I wish her well and congratulate her for these outings that she is taking - not only for herself but writings by PNG on a whole. It is truly past the time for PNG Books and stories to be the ones to be read. She is becoming the flickering light for us writers and we hope she can become the beacon. Go Lady go.

Caroline Evari

Writing is the most powerful tool. Writers change the world. Books change the world. My job is to educate, empower and inspire as many Papua New Guineans as possible to utilise this tool.

Corney Korokan Alone

There is some fire here. Great effort.

Keep going. Spread the flame far and wide.

Daniel Kumbon

I have met Caroline Evari, her two children and supportive husband. I purchased one of her many children's books she has published.

I featured it on the Enga Wai Pii blog and the response was immediate. When that happens I know, I have shared something important and interesting.

Caroline divides her time between her family, work and her passion to write.

Meanwhile, Caroline Evari, Betty Wakia and myself are waiting for an opening to see Prime Minister James Marape to try and convince his government to recognise the type of work she and others are doing.

Dominica Are

Wow Caroline! I am following your journey and am truly inspired.

What you are doing will go a long way in empowering our upcoming authors.

God bless!

Simon Davidson

Caroline - You are doing a great job inspiring others to write. The reason most people, even educated elites fear to attempt creative writing, is in my opinion based on four reasons.

1.They don't know how and where to start.They need guidance.

2. They are paralyzed by fear and self doubt. They need help in the realm of mindset. "Self believe."

3. They don't find the time and space for creative writing. There are many distraction. Creative writing needs time and space.

4. They need motivation. The best motivation I know is intrinsic motivation, not extrinsic motivation.

There are more but these are some of the basic ones.

I taught myself to write prose and poetry and in the last two years (2017-2018) I have taught two classes in creative writing at Sonoma and some of those students have written poetry which are now published on the PNG Attitude.

The best use of life is to be of use. To lift another person up. Keep writing and keep inspiring others.

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