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New blog design has benefits for mobile readers

PNG Attitude as it now appears on mobile devices


NOOSA – I’m guessing that PNG Attitude’s first design change in six years will bring with it a ‘shock of the new’ feeling for many readers, but it also has some really tangible advantages.

Perhaps the most important of these is that the design change manifests itself as a particular improvement for the hugely increased number of readers (and especially the 6,200 followers on Twitter) who since 2013 have begun to access the blog on their mobile phones.

Previously, the mobile blog screen appearance was a miniature version of the larger scale PC presentation, and pretty difficult to read and to add comments to. Now it’s in a much more friendly format.

A useful search function has been added to the blog, which gives the option of sorting by best match (which is the default) or most recent post.

And the banner has been changed to provide a new image that seems to better reflect the “& Friends” statement on the masthead.

The photo was taken on the Highlands Highway at the Daulo Pass in March 2017. (I'm holding a South Pacific lager and, although you can't see him, Francis Nii is sitting in the LandRover behind the crowd.)

Of course, the Friends are our many contributors and commenters – far too numerous to count now the blog is in its fourteenth year; Friends who, if I am the engine room, are the real motive force of PNG Attitude.

So I hope you’ll soon be used to the new design – and, if you encounter any glitches, please report them by emailing me here.

In case you've forgotten, or weren't around, immediately below is the PNG Attitude from 10 years ago in September 2009.

Attitude 2009


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Bernard Corden

Creative destruction?

Francis Nii

I was surprised with the new appearance yesterday and was wondering. The new outlook came at no ordinary time than PNG's 44th independence anniversary and it's really part of the anniversary celebration for me personally. Thank you Keith for that.

The change on the eve of Independence Day was no coincidence. I'm glad it worked out that way (you never know with IT matters especially when conducted at a distance). There are still a few techo glitches that need to be sorted but at least the main stuff is operational - KJ

Bob Cleland

What a pleasant surprise. I've been away for a couple of weeks and this is a catch-up visit to Attitude.
Colourful and friendly. I anticipate that I will be using the search quite a bit.

Pawa Kenny

As a Papua New Guinean, I am looking forward to our 44th Independence Day over this long weekend leading to Monday 16 September, 2019.

Coincidentally I want to take this time to thank you for coming into my country and serving us. May God continue to give you good health and wisdom. God bless.

Thanks Pawa on behalf of all of us who have had the privilege to work and travel in PNG and the great good fortune to be have become good friends with the people we met. Happy Independence Day! – KJ

Philip Fitzpatrick

Looks good Keith. Much more muscular and easy to read.

The search function works a treat and will be very useful for researchers. Amazing how much history is wrapped up in the PNG Attitude archives.

Tru tumas, Phil. In those 14,000 plus posts and in many of the nearly 43,000 comments there is much both for the researcher and the casual reader. All power to our contributors and the National Library of Australia which continues to archive the content of the blog each October - KJ

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