Did 'presource curse' just deliver a pile of dung?
Bride Price

Study the Bible


Study the Bible
To know His will
To love His will
To follow His will

Dark minds lightened
Dim faith glows
Feeble saints fortified
To combat against devil’s temptations

No weapon mighty as His Word
No weapon devil dread as the Word
Christ’s wilderness victory with the Word
Our victory depends on the Word

God talks through the Word
We listen with the ear of meditation
Holy Spirit implants His Word in us
Life is transformed.

Justin Kundalin is a third year theology student at Sonoma Adventist College


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Porap Gai

Justin Kudlin is my class mate. This is his first poem being published on PNG Attitude.

I am inspired with his poem because this is the truth about how human beings can be reformed to know their creator through reading His word.

Bible is human, Manuela, and it fixes the problems of human life. He leaves a legacy for now and tomorrow.

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