Why we should celebrate independence day
Sgt Kasari Aru – recollections of independence

Today Is Our Country’s Birthday

Gai - Independence DayPORAP GAI

Today is our country’s birthday
Now is the time for fireworks and fun
But we shouldn’t forget its reason
This is one of the most important days
To mark the freedom of our people

Today’s the day the nation became our own
It’s the date of our country’s birth
For many years under Australia’s rule
And now a governance of our own
Give thanks to the good Lord above

Today’s the day our nation got its flag
A symbol of our culture and unity
Of who we are to other nations
Basing on our customs, liberties and laws
We pay reverence to our cultural heritage

Today is our country’s shout to the Lord
Arise all sons and daughters of this land
Let us cry and sing hallelujah to the Lord
Let us humbly thank the Lord God above
For His wisdom and His love to us
The people of Papua New Guinea

We the people of Papua New Guinea
Pledge ourselves to be one nation
Based on justice and freedom from servitude
We commemorate 16 September 1975
Because today is our country’s birthday


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Porap Gai

Thanks very much to the experts posting comments on this poem. My pleasure.

Porap Gai

I pledge the comments on my poem. I did not go out on 16 September to celebrate, I was at home and meditating on how the good Lord has brought PNG out of slavery. I thank the Lord.

Philip Fitzpatrick

An interesting idea David.

You are right about the connotations.

You could take a leaf out of Australia's book and simply call it Papua New Guinea Day.

David Kitchnoge

As our 44th independence anniversary draws to a close, let's take some time to reflect on the concept of 'independence'.

What are we independent of? And independent from whom?

Since when did we depend on who, and depended on them for what for which we don't want to depend on anymore?

Are we really independent in an increasingly interdependent world?

My view is we should change the designation of the day to 'National Unity Day' or simply 'Unity Day' or 'Union Day' which is more descriptive and meaningful to our story.

The word 'independence' irks me because of its colonial connotations. It denotes some kind of a power pyramid which perpetuates inferiority complex, a curse many Papua New Guineans suffer.

We were actually groups of hundreds of old, independent, self sustaining and autonomous tribes with well defined social, economic and political systems that were brought together as a single nation as we know it today on 16 September 1975.

I propose changing the designation for 16 September every year to National Union Day.

God Bless Papua New Guinea!

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