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We've heard the rhetoric – now plan & execute

Dream plan executeSIMON DAVIDSON

SONOMA - From James Marape’s maiden political discourse emerged two critical enablers for achieving the dream to ‘Take Back PNG’: a workable plan and bold action

Every politician and statesman makes grandiose speeches presenting compelling narratives of an attractive and prosperous future for their nation.

They reveal to the people a vision that looks bright and seems achievable. A vision, of course, is not about the present but the future.

Leaders of optimistic vision rise when their nation is in deep crisis. They point to a future that is better than the present.

Winston Churchill wanted to rescue the world from Hitler’s tyranny and lead the citizens of the world to sunlit uplands in a democratic universe. Dr Martin Luther King dreamed of a nation, where people will not be judged by skin colour but the content of their character.

James Marape’s dream in his maiden speech was to take back Papua New Guinea and make it the richest black Christian nation on earth.

But dreams must be backed by a credible plan. Beyond the silver tongued oratory it must be an achievable blueprint. A plan to make the dream work.

Churchill created a plan to fight Hitler on every front: land, sea and air. King devised a strategy to lead the masses in nonviolent protest against injustice and segregation. The founders of our nation developed an eight-point plan. The National Alliance Party created Vision 2050.

And the Marape government has a plan which now needs to be made tangible with measurable and achievable goals. Without them, the nation will move in a circle and not advance. Without them, the dream will die.

Joel A Barker said that action without vision just passes the time. But vision with action can change the world. President Kennedy dreamed of sending man to the moon in a decade. The dream had a plan and the plan was executed. As a result, America sent men into space.

So the Marape government must commit resources, and align itself to achieve the dream. Then take bold action to make it a reality. Without bold action, dreams are mere wishful hopes between the covers of expensive consultant reports collecting dust on groaning shelves.

In executing plans there is the toil sweat and pain of action. Action is the engine that makes the dream come true. The rise of Asian nations like Malaysia and South Korea that were backwaters during the era of Western industrialisation, show how we can rise as a nation if we are willing to work hard.

But if all our leaders do is talk and utter pious platitudes without a credible plan and with execution just a hope, then all the political rhetoric will turn out to be just more disappointment for the people.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Go see Big Pat Levo at the Post Courier, Daniel. He might be able to organise a feature article with the petition attached. Otherwise the cost of an advertisement is too expensive.

Both Keith and I have been supplying him with articles for the newspaper gratis for several years, including for this year's Independence Day supplement.

Tell him we're calling in a favour.

Daniel Kumbon

William - I am patiently waiting with a couple other writers to present a petition to PM James Marape to recognise literature as an important tool in nation building.

If we don't see him within the next two weeks, I will just have to let go and fly to Wabag.

But first, I will try and publish the petition in the papers hoping the PM.

I will not go feeling defeat like a dog with its tail between its legs but with optimism.

William Dunlop

Ah, Daniel. Patience is a virtue we are taught. By now the good citizens of PNG have every right to expect good governance after 44 years of politicians' largess. Which after 110+ days of Marape has as yet not been forthcoming.

Somare was nothing like he was cracked up to be. He and his son had a great fondness for the Yankee dollar. Skase's door opener was US$750,000 cash. Totally wrecked your economy.

Ali Baba O'Neill and Co may have been much worse than Skase, now that his pudding is opening for all to see.

So you all are going to continue listening to more political spin, eh. Em tasol.

Daniel Kumbon

Some dreams require individual efforts, other dreams require cooperation based on trust.

Dreams require funds.

America did not miss that one multi-million kina Stealth helicopter that crashed in the compound in the daring raid to capture Osama Bin Laden.

And there were two back-up Chinook helicopters to rescue the elite commandos.

PNG is struggling to swim in a sea of loans.

Right now the people of PNG appear to be drinking prime minister James Marape's words, which seem to have a soothing effect.

The National Alliance members who framed Vision 2050 are in government now.

I would rather be patient with this new government .

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