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Peter & Rose
Rose & Peter Kranz wedding ceremony in Port Moresby's Botanical Gardens


MORRISET, NSW - Seasoned PNG Attitude readers may remember us, Rose and Peter Kranz.

We met in Papua New Guinea and in 2007 were married in Simbu bilas in Port Moresby’s botanical gardens.

Not long after we moved to Australia and all was going well until Rose was diagnosed with ovarian cancer some five years ago.

It was a stage 3B cancer, shocking news, a virtual death sentence.

Rose & friends
A recent photo of Rose (right) and friends

Anyway, we sought the best treatment and Rose had major operations and chemotherapy which was devastating.

But she survived despite her chances of coming through were at less than one in five.

Now we are at the five year mark and this means her chances have escalated to an 80% plus prospect of survival. She has just received the OK.

 I am blessed with the most beautiful Simbu ambai and will forever be grateful.

Rose praises God, I praise him as well as the brilliant doctors at the John Hunter and the Martyr hospitals in Newcastle

Maybe it's not often you get a good news story, but this is one. God bless!


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Daniel Kumbon

Arthur, what do you mean ‘my PNG wife was also far shorter’ than me '?

Do you know about the ‘Power of Love’ which is also the title of Celine Dion’s song?

The tall one will always bend down to kiss the short one if they are bond by the power of love

Here is a few lines from Celine Dion’s 'Power of Love’....

‘Whenever you reach for me
I’ll do all that I can

Never wonder where I am
‘Cause I am always by your side

‘Cause I am your lady
And you are my man

PNG woman have what it takes to be that lady men look for.

Arthur Williams

Good to hear of Rose pulling out of possibly her worst life experience. Am I right your cultural apparel wedding picture was in one of PNG’s newspapers at that time?

Like you my PNG wife was also far shorter than me. Made me think of the tale about the actress who starred in ’Boy on a Dolphin’ with diminutive Alan Ladd. It is alleged that the movie’s producer had a trench built along the track where Sophia Loren had to walk side by side with him.

Just four years older than me, Sophia has been my pin-up for most of my adult life. Must have good taste because even at 75 Sophia was on the front of ‘You Magazine’.

She too loved her culture and apparently once said, “Everything you see is down to spaghetti!” Pass the pasta....

Philip Fitzpatrick

I've often wondered how Rose is faring Peter.

Thanks for the update and the good news.

Peter Kranz

It's a pity that charities have to rely on individual donations, but our experience leads us to happliy support the Cancer Council and the Simbu Childrens Foundation.

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