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Let’s make our country more self-sufficient

How I was able to share my blessings

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In front of a massive poster of her poem, Dominica is awarded first prize in the World Food Day poetry competition


GOROKA - It was Tuesday 8 October during the lunch break. Everyone went out and I was alone in the office with my thoughts.

It was serene. The air crisp and cool. The fresh smell of roasted coffee floated by.

And I stared hard at the blank page before me, pondering on what I would write.

The task was a poem for the 2019 World Food Day Poetry Competition organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in PNG.

I glanced at the World Food Day theme, 'Our Actions are Our Future', and the key messages associated with it. Thousands of ideas buzzed through my head but the word 'share' buzzed loudest.

My thoughts drifted gratefully to all the kind people I have crossed paths with. The people who gave me their time, made sacrifices so they could tend to my needs, listened and encouraged me, shared the little and best they had, shared their skills and knowledge.

All this had at least made life bearable. I also try my best to do the same to others. No one should feel and suffer alone. It was a spur of the moment inspiration to come up with my poem, 'Share your blessings'. I emailed my entry that afternoon.

Access to healthy food is a basic human right but how can I as an individual contribute to a zero hunger and healthy society?

I believe that small acts of kindness like sharing our resources and skills with people who are less fortunate and less informed is a way forward.

So, if you are blessed with land and enjoying the fruits of your labour, promote and encourage others to do the same.

If you are blessed with food, share with your neighbour

If you are blessed with skills on land cultivation or preparing nutritious meals, share your skills and experiences with others.

Share your good eating habits. It will go along way in helping others to live a fulfilling life. Healthy diets keeps the doctor away and we can walk away unscathed by the cruel hands of lifestyle diseases.

I would like to thank my friends on Facebook and Instagram for voting for my entry and for their uplifting comments.

Also my immense gratitude to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in PNG for selecting me as one of the finalists and for the opportunity to travel to Port Moresby to witness and take part in the World Food Day Celebration on 16 October at the UPNG Forum Square.

It was amazing to see the high level of student participation and to listen to inspirational messages from advocates like Ryan Pini and Chef Golonzo .

The importance of having a healthy diet and healthy living should be taught at an early age. Our children may grow up in good health, happy and wise and surely will pass this on.

It was truly a memorable and wonderful experience.

Share your blessings

We have been blessed abundantly with land
So fertile, anything can grow and blend
Till it, and watch in awe at its produce
Hungry no more, now others can deduce

We have been blessed abundantly with food
Now let’s go out and share, a deed so good
Your brethren cannot starve, even to death
Too late to feel pangs of guilt and lay a wreath

We have been blessed abundantly with skills
Now let’s show others, till their cup fills
About food security, so they’ll have enough
They shouldn’t be alone in conditions so tough

Start with our neighbor, little by little
Through this mighty deed, this example
Surely and gradually this flame will spread
To live in hunger, no one will now dread

We have been blessed with good wellbeing
Now let’s show others, let good health reign
Start with in our circle, our family
Have home cooked meals, prepared lovingly

Our daily three meals should be healthy
Fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish are worthy
Replace sugar drinks with blended fruits and water
Share your blessings, human race may live longer


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Dominica Are

Thank you Phil and Fr Garry.

Garry Roche

May I add my congratulations to you on your poem. Keep thinking and writing.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Congratulations Dominica and thanks for sharing your inspiring poem.

As you rightly say, sharing our blessings is the key to a happy society.

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