Medevac Bill - a matter of life or death
Seven huts for seven nights

If you love her, treat her right


Nowadays many young people say love is old fashioned and, when bad times come, they divorce. I composed this poem after hearing a song from Lenny LeBlanc, If you love her, treat her right’ - PG

Love is not a candle that extinguishes in the rain,
Love is the everlasting that burns forever in heart,
Love it is that stays whenever strong winds blow,
And even when it hurts, you never let go.

You've got to treat her right,
Understand she's your heart,
Tell her that you need her,
Like the desert needs the rain.

She’s your oasis in that desert,
She’s your island in the storm,
Hold her tightly in your arms,
Love her, treat her right.

Be willing for her sake,
Love gives more than it takes,
And if you don't hold her tight,
She'll slip right through your hands.


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Porap Gai

Firstly thanks Keith Jackson and PNG Attitude for editing and publishing my poem.

Today's young married people are breaking up because they see love as something old fashioned which stays for few moments and dies away.

Bernard Corden

A well crafted piece Porap, poetics is the nemesis of scientism.

In an era inundated with po$itivi$m, objectivi$m and materiali$m we have embarked on a futile crusade to measure everything to fulfill key performance indicators, often via the almighty US$ using artificial intelligence and big data.

It has a sinister trajectory and any attempts to measure ethereal attributes such as love, trust, compassion or respect extirpates the intrinsic value and we sure feel and understand the consequences when these noble traits are missing.

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
That has such people in't!

(Miranda from Shakespeare's The Tempest Act 5 Scene 1)

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