The internet & the death of trust
Never give up: a retrospection

Dirty tricks & desperate measures

Vehicle - pic before doctoring
The photo of Bryan Kramer MP and Dr Chakriya Bowman in the front seat of a vehicle. The image was later doctored to airbrush out the other passengers


NOOSA – Following his exposure of Peter O’Neill’s efforts to evade arrest on allegations of corruption, Papua New Guinea police minister Bryan Kramer says he has been subjected to a barrage of social media smears from supporters of the former prime minister.

In a Facebook post entitled ‘Desperate times calls for desperate measures’, Mr Kramer yesterday hit back at people he called “O’Neill loyalists” who he said had decided to avoid the real issue of the allegations against O’Neill.

“I’ve yet to see a response from O'Neill himself, his publicist Christopher Hawkins or those loyalists who typically hide behind fake Facebook profiles spreading fake news,” Mr Kramer said.

Instead he claimed they has published “nonsensical posts” asking about what is termed Kramer’s “relationship to a foreign suspected mole with diplomatic immunity”.

Dr Chakriya Bowman
Dr Chakriya Bowman, Australia's economics counsellor in PNG

Mr Kramer identified a photo circulated on Facebook as that of Dr Chakriya Bowman, who is not a subversive agent but operates in the more sedate role of economics counsellor at the Australian High Commission.

The photo has been inexpertly doctored in an attempt to picture Mr Kramer and Dr Bowman alone in a motor vehicle.

Mr Kramer said the photo, taken during an official visit to Madang, had been “mischievously cropped” to remove images of other people who had also been seated in the vehicle.

Amongst other things, Dr Bowman is responsible for implementing Australia’s seasonal worker program and the Pacific labour scheme.

Mr Kramer said he hoped his explanation would provide an answer to claims of his “relationship to a foreign suspected mole with diplomatic immunity”.

In the way of these things, it probably won’t.

As Mr Kramer suggested, desperate people take desperate measures, and there can be no doubt that O’Neill and his supporters are running on a full tank of desperation at this time as PNG police continue to investigate a number of allegations of past wrongdoing.


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Bernard Corden

Maybe Donald Trump should attend a movie theatre rather than a ball game.

Bernard Corden

"The Technological Society and Propaganda" by Jacques Ellul is well worth reading and addresses his concerns of technological tyranny over humanity:

David Kitchnoge

If Bryan Kramer's assertions are correct, then the verdict is pretty clear in the court of public opinion. We know what sorts of people engage in blackmail, harrassment and intimidation.

How does the Australian government respond given that one of its staffers on official engagement has been dragged into this saga through no fault of her own?

She has a family and people who care for her and has now been put in a difficult position to try and explain to them that it wasn't what it was made out to be. She is an unfair victim.

She is here to help little Papua New Guineans avail a transformative opportunity. And to endanger that opportunity by attacking her line of work is a direct attack on Papua New Guineans. It is absurd!

Paul Oates

There appears to be a common theme emanating from Hitler's book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) and extends through to his minister for Propaganda Goebbels dictates.

'The bigger the lie, the more people believe it. You just keep repeating it and never concede any other alternative.'

It seems nothing changes except the circumstances.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I think there is now a general consensus among many people that what you read on the internet and especially on social media cannot be trusted.

This is no big surprise. Information in newspapers, magazines and books has always been regarded in the same way.

While acknowledging that lies, fake news and skewed and biased material in the media has always been there it seems like the internet and social media have increased its occurrence exponentially.

The internet and social media now seems to have given those people inclined to spread such material sanction free opportunities and they are making the best of it.

The old style print media was both legally and informally regulated by the ease of prosecution and litigation but the new style media has yet to be so controlled.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the internet or social media except for the opportunities it affords sick people to play out their prejudices.

I've been surprised by the sheer volume of such material. I guess those people have always been with us but now they've been let out of the woodwork. Their proliferation is a sobering comment about the nature of humanity.

That the leader of the most powerful nation in the world uses social media to spread lies and insults does not bode well for the world.

Bernard Corden

Peter O'Neill obviously requires some professional guidance. Maybe he should contact Peta Credlin and Brian Loughnane.

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