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His Voice singing in the Wild West

His Voice Singers
Enga’s  Seventh Day Adventist His Voice singers, their voices echoing in the woods of Laiagam, Porgera and Mt Kare


LAIAGAM - His Voice is the singing ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist church in Enga.

The group was formed in 2019 by men and boys from Tee, Paiyan, Walian and other neighbouring tribesmen of Paip SDA church in Mamal village in the Laiagam District.

On social media, people in our country and even the world can see our own Wild West of the three Engan districts of Laiagam, Kandep and Porgera fighting wars and losing lives.

For a long period of time, government officials and the laws of our country have struggled to try to minimise the tribal fighting of the Wild West. But it seemed nothing could help.

One reason was that the government has been treating the symptoms without treating the cause. To identify the cause of the problems would be an important step to solve them. But this has not been done, of has not worked well.

To ease these troubles, His Voice singing ministry has toured almost every part of Enga singing inspiring songs.

His Voice song titles
Song titles from the His Voice repertoire

The Spirit of God really moves when the singers touch the hearts and unconverted souls of the Enga people. As a result, many people have converted and given their lives to Jesus.

The singing group also delivers relief and assistance to tribal war victims, presenting food, clothing and building materials to them. The SDA churches in Laiagaim district that are involved with the singing ministry, provide hope to hopeless and the broken-hearted.

His Voice is the tears of God pouring in on the ignorant people of the Wild West. The people rejected by others are accepted by God.

I would recommend that if other churches would do the same thing, the people of the Wild West would be more secure.


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