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Just seeing my kids, says O’Neill

Peter O'Neill - Says he didn't run away from justice. So can we expect him back in PNG some day soon?

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PORT MORESBY - Papua New Guinea's former prime minister Peter O'Neill has denied a claim that he has fled the country to avoid being arrested

This is despite police last week withdrawing an arrest warrant for Mr O'Neill after his lawyers had launched a legal challenge to its validity.

The warrant had been issued for the Ialibu-Pangia MP at the Waigani District Court on 11 October.

PNG's acting police commissioner David Manning said investigators sought the warrant in relation to a corruption case.

The national court issued a stay on the arrest while Mr O'Neill's legal team sought leave for a judicial review of the warrant.

But police minister Bryan Kramer posted on Facebook that Mr O'Neill fled to Australia on Friday shortly before the national court ruling on his judicial review proceedings.

However O'Neill rubbished this claim, saying he had flown to Sydney to be with his children.

"I have every right to travel and attend to my children's needs," O'Neill told Radio New Zealand.

The former prime minister also denied Kramer's claim that O'Neill and his lawyers earlier fabricated a defective arrest warrant document to put before the court.

Last Thursday after police withdrew the warrant, O'Neill's lawyers argued against the move, saying police would just seek a fresh warrant to avoid the review.

The state solicitor, however, argued that O'Neill's lawyers were trying to delay the matter by keeping it in court.

The case remains adjourned.


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Gideon Endo

A dog would not lie if it was happy with the food on its plate. It would wag its tale, eager to start eating. That is straightforward behaviour for most domesticated animals.

The former prime minister is not complex, but perhaps I should say worse than the latter. One cannot confirm.

Enough of useless politics and confusing laws. We must all face the consequences of our actions.

Our peoples and PNG's future is at stake.

Justin Kundalin

O'Neill's comment is a fool's lie. Only a fool will do that.

Mr Kramer is trying to do a great service in the history of this country and when such endeavors are boldly taken by such young and unique leaders, the country and the MPs ought to join hands, though the challenge will be out there.

But despite that, our country really needs to do something because O'Neill has left PNG in great debt. He has done something that will affect the future of this country, so he need to be arrested.

William Dunlop

O'Neill's only mistake will be getting convicted. All his movements are clearly preconceived utilising the mighty purchasing power of his kina.

Paul Oates

The obvious next alternative could be very tempting.

Without an outstanding warrant, it would be impossible to detain anyone and especially in another country, from flying out to wherever there is no extradition treaty available.

Perhaps some are hoping this might actually happen as it takes care of any eventual evidence being unveiled. From what has been revealed so far, it would appear Mr Kramer has some fifth column people in his department and service.

John Maine

The former Prime Minister's reason does no make any sense at all. Just imagine, such a leader leaving the country at this point of time to attend family matters. As a national leader he supposed to chose Papua New Guinea and its people over his family. However, his current actions clearly indicates that he is trying to avoid and run away from his mistakes.

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