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Never give up: a retrospection

Justin Kundalin with his wife Manila and son Justin Jr
Justin, with his wife Manila and son Justin Jr, after being ordained into the gospel ministry at Kembubu Adventist Secondary School. He will graduate on Sunday 24 November


SONOMA - Originally from Wabag in Enga Province, I was accepted to study theology at Sonoma Adventist College in Rabaul.

I made my plans to study for the three-year diploma in pastoral ministry, but in my first year had to withdraw due to difficult personal circumstances.

It was a challenging and painful decision, and I was on the verge of giving up everything, but last year I reapplied and was accepted to complete my studies. I will graduating this coming Sunday 24 November.

Back then in 2016 and 2017, I was single but I was to return with my partner, Manila, and a gift God has blesses us with, Justin Kundalin Jr.

Without a sponsor or proper financial backings and support, I managed to survive and make ends meet because, deep in my heart, I knew that what I was going through was only fleeting.

And I learned some lessons that I want to share you.

First, tough times do not mean that you’re done and gone.

As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” None of us should allow the tough times to imprison us so we lose focus on our future.

We need to focus on what’s ahead, not on the past.

I see many people who seem to be enslaved by past circumstances. They choose to remain in the past while living in the present.

Nobody’s life is immune to fleeting predicaments and true living is not about allowing past circumstances to dominate us today.

Don’t allow other people to define who you are.

You are not what people think you are or say to you. You weren’t born so others could define who you ought to be.

You need to be the best you because, as the saying goes, “There’s only one you.” God has designed and destined you for a greater purpose in life.

Opportunity knocks on the door of those who never give up.

Opportunity will never be there for people who choose to give up. I’ve made a promise that I will never give in until my last breathe because I believe there’s always a way through for people who persist.

Aim for the stars.

During those two years when I found myself adrift, my personal motto was to “Aim for the stars and if you can’t make it to the stars, then land on the moon.”

This motto gave me the courage to move on to reach my potential despite the short-lived challenges and predicaments.

If you’re a person struggling at this time, don’t quit

As for me, finally I will graduate this coming 24 November and next year I will move to Pacific Adventist University to do my bachelor’s program. What wonderful God we serve. I owe my success to God!


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Philip Fitzpatrick

As Karl Marx and others have pointed out people defining others is a major problem in society. Among other things it is what creates a class system where one class seeks to dominate the other.

Not letting others define you is good advice. So is the other stuff Justin points out.

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