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O’Neill: Izze an Ozzie izze Lizzie…..?

"Is he an Aussie, is he, is he, is he an Aussie is he, eh? Is it because he's an Aussie, Lizzie, That he makes you dizzy, Lizzie?" (From the Vaults)

| Kramer Report

PORT MORESBY - On Thursday 14 November, former prime minister Peter O'Neill released a press statement announcing he had registered criminal complaints against me.

The complaints, made on 22 May 2019 and 28 October 2019, alleged I had made false citizenship claims against him, thus offending against sections 21 and 23 of the Cybercrime Act.

In the statement O’Neill questioned why police have failed to act on his complaints.

Section 21 of Cybercrime Act relates to defamatory publication, or publishing something that is false that damages a person's reputation, while Section 23 of CyberCrime Act relates to publication that causes intimidation, emotional stress or harassment.

A defence to both offences is where the publication is fair comment, justified and made in good faith, or based on the truth.

So what is the status of my citizenship claim against O’Neill?

The short answer is that the matter is currently in court.

In May 2019 and at the height of vote of no confidence, O’Neill filed defamation proceedings against me over my questioning of his citizenship status.

He also filed a sworn affidavit that he has never been a citizen of Australia.

The issue will now be determined by the court.

In the course of those proceedings, I have engaged a law firm in Australia to lodge a formal application under Australian Freedom to Information Act to obtain O’Neill’s citizenship status.

In the event the Australian government refuses to disclose O'Neill's citizenship status, I will consult Papua New Guinea prime minister James Marape to make a formal request through bilateral channels.

As the matter is before the court I won’t comment or provide any further particulars.


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John K Kamasua

He should come back to PNG to face the courts or face the police and clear his good name against several allegations held against his name.

Lindsay F Bond

Sure dug deep to unearth 'Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam'. Theatre of bleak thirties.

Thems were the years folk flew 'to field' gold from Papua. Fine catch for few.

While Mr F and Mr J were a frolick, interestingly, see at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Flotsam_and_Mr._Jetsam
which says of their song "Is he an Aussie", it "features during the end credits for the 2013 film The Purge".

Gideon Endo

The good former PM might as well be a PNG citizen for goodness sake! So citizenship is now in play.

Why is it hard to hold such people responsible for their wrongdoings while it takes minutes to apprehend a shop lifter for a packet of 1kg rice at a supermarket that he /she stole due to the fact that Peter O'Neill when PM did not perform to standard to support the common populace.

I do mind the complexity, and I for one see it as rubbish, stupid and wasting our time reading about these "processes and procedures" you have to follow to arrest Peter O'Neill.

Watna Mori

He would definitely be eligible for Australia citizenship, whether he actually is is another matter.

However, in Australia, eligibility is enough to not be fit for a parliamentary office as we saw with Barnaby Joyce etc.

Paul Oates

Surely it has been well reported that the former PM's father was an Australian. Perhaps Mr O'Neill has already undertaken a DNA test to establish his status to potentially claim Australian citizenship?

There's currently a number of people, who when they get into trouble overseas, claim their Australian citizenship then requires the Australian government to assist them. Perhaps Mr O'Neill may seek political asylum?

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