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David Johns and Justin Kundalin
David Johns and Justin Kundalin - brothers in arms and partners in persistence


SONOMA - He and I had many things in common and were best buddies in our secondary school days. That’s my brother, David Johns.

Doing Grade 12 in Kopen Secondary School, we both loved reading, church activities, leading students in ministry and working with peers and older folks.

We worked hard for the Grade 12 examination and, when the time came to fill the school leaver’s form, we both marked our choices as Sonoma Adventist College and Pacific Adventist University to take theology.

I was accepted into theology at Sonoma but unfortunately David was not.

So I came to Sonoma in 2015 leaving my brother behind, but his dream to take theology didn’t die.

I had my ups and downs. I was at Sonoma during 2015 and 2016 then wasn’t able to complete my studies due to personal problems. I went home for two years but was able to return this year to complete my diploma in theology.

The amazing thing is that, when I withdrew in 2017, David succeeded in coming here. It was his persistence that made that possible, and here are a few lessons we want to share with our friends and colleagues at PNG Attitude.

Failure is never final.

We see failure as success half done. The world is filled with stories of many people who have found great success after they have failed. To accept failure is a form of self-pity. We’re not ever done until we cease to move forward.

Rejection is not a guarantee that you’re done.

One of the greatest mistakes in life is when people allow the first rejection in any endeavour to become the final note. When rejected, we must never give up because there’s always a way round for people who persist.

Education can fail us but can’t take away our potential.

Every person is a measure of their potential and not the measure of what people say. The world is yet to see the unleashing of our potential and, if we allow fleeting predicaments to enslave us, this is an injustice to our potential. Sadly, many people bury their potential and are afraid to take bold stands. The potential to soar high like an eagle is always inside us.

Persist despite fleeting challenges and hardships.

Persist despite what comes your way because there’s light always at the end of the tunnel. The world is filled with stories of how people who have succeeded despite many serious challenges.

Ignore what people say.

Everyone is an expert in commenting on and judging others and many people give into them. David and I we made up our minds that we will never give into that. Ignore what people say and stay focused because the future belongs to those who persist despite challenges.

The good news for us is that, despite failures and setbacks over the years, we will soon graduate from Sonoma and plan to continue our bachelor programs at Pacific Adventist University in 2020.


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