My eulogy for Murray
Kuplam SDA’s drug-drunk conversion

The sentinel is always vigilant

Sentry 2 (Painting by Flor Baradi)SAMUEL LUCAS KAFUGILI

It’s dangerous to be in precarious space,
That allows impairment of our being,
Wielding hostility to all
And a threat to life

Security; life insurance, protection,
Has the power to relieve and release,
Not to let the hazards cause us harm,
But to protect our safety and our being

Security serves and saves our lives
Prudence and vigilance for tough times,
Providing loves reckoning hours,
And always craving more lengthy days

The sentinel alert, alive to gesture,
Focussing on each every movement,
The hours drag themselves like a snail,
But, yes, always safety is assured

All locations securely assisted,
And shunning all those golden hours,
And the body steadily loses vigour,
Devoted its hours to others precaution

And caught in the web of sentry duty,
The sentinel always apprising all events,
To minimise, destroy illegal bustle,
And to live and let live blissful life.


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Bernard Corden

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes" - Juvenal.

Who is guarding the guards.

Lindsay F Bond

Serious subject, Samuel. Descriptive of real events and adverse imaginings. Not only the ambit of uniformed crew attendant at passage points, alertness-taxing awareness drains vibrancy of individuals, and nation.

Socialised subjection metaphorically? Hazards of interactions, transactions, exactions?

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