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A Kiap’s Chronicle: 26 – The plot against Bougainville

B’ville finance minister under pressure

Robin Wilson
South Bougainville community leaders want president John Momis to answer questions about finance minister Robin Wilson who is under investigation


BUKA - The community governments of South Bougainville have called upon Bougainville president John Momis to answer questions surrounding his embattled finance and treasury minister, Robin Wilson.

Mr Wilson is the subject of official corruption charges before Papua New Guinea’s national court and is under active investigation on a range of matters but retains his portfolio in the Momis cabinet.

In a statement, the community governments’ chairman asked: “How can our president, who so vehemently campaigned against corruption, let this same man manage the funds of the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG)?

“Over nine years we have seen allegation after allegation of official corruption with tens of millions of kina unaccounted for, many under the watch of the current and former finance minister,” the chairman said.

“The president has directed that the fraud squad be removed and has refused to comment on the allegations raised.

“These are not the actions of an anti-corruption campaigner, but more of a government hiding something,” he said.

South Bougainville leaders have also expressed concern about what the ABG’s next steps will be following the referendum.

“From what we can see, there is no direction, no plan and strategy for delivering on the referendum result,” they stated.

“The process is being driven by outsiders, particularly the United Nations who spend money on expensive consultants who know nothing about the peace process.

“The views of normal people are not being heard,” they said.

The leaders said that since chief secretary Joe Nobetau had been terminated, the administration of government had ground to a halt.

The leaders said it is essential that ABG elections take place in the new year.

“It is clear to us that this government is desperate to hold on to power and will do so at any cost,” they said.

“The people of Bougainville should be able to elect new leaders to negotiate their future, not the current band of useless politicians who have done nothing for Bougainville.”


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