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Corruption & climate change

| Transparency International | Extract

BERLIN - Solving the climate crisis is possible, but vested economic interests and a lack of political will stand in the way.

Today is International Anti-Corruption Day. The climate crisis cannot be tackled without tackling corruption.

International funding for climate adaptation and mitigation measures will reach over K340 billion in 2020. Even more - around K2,000 billion - will be spent from national budgets.

These funds are in danger of being lost to corruption where they are most needed. Countries that are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change often have higher levels of public sector corruption.

Instead of improving peoples’ lives, climate funds are siphoned off to private accounts or wasted on vanity projects that benefit the few rather than the many.

This year, Anti-Corruption Day it falls in the middle of the world’s most important climate conference, COP25, underway in Madrid, Spain. Our minds do not often make the link between climate and corruption, but unfortunately the two are deeply intertwined.

The world needs to take crucial steps towards a greener future, including protecting forests, improving sustainable transportation and developing renewable energy sources.

These all involve industries with particularly high corruption risks, like construction, forestry and energy. This is a massive obstacle for effective climate action.

The World Bank estimates that 20-40% of water sector finances are lost to corrupt practices. Similar rates apply for the transport and energy sectors. In some sectors, this is exacerbated by criminal activities.

Up to 30% of global logging activities are illegal. In key countries that produce tropical timber, like Papua New Guinea, this rate can be as high as 90% of the volume of all forestry.

Undue influence from vested interests also prevents measures being taken to solve the climate crisis.

For action against climate change to be effective, we urgently need to shift perspectives and step up efforts towards transparency, accountability, and integrity.

We must make good governance the cornerstone of the fight against climate change.


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Steven Magil

Interestingly the Trump administration is not supporting Climate Change. Trump repeatedly said it is a conspiracy theory crafted by China to downsize the USA economy by getting rid of its industry and pave way for China to be the worlds top economy.

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