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Russia outpost opens

| Russkiy Mir Foundation

PORT MORESBY - The National Library and Archives will today host the opening ceremony of the Russkiy Mir (Russian World) Centre in Papua New Guinea.

The Miklouho-Maclay Fund with the support of the Russian foreign ministry and the Russkiy Mir Foundation initiated the creation of the centre.

The opening of the first Russian centre, which will popularise the Russian language and culture, is a historic event and returns the Russian presence to PNG.

This makes it possible to preserve the achievements of Russian discoverers, scientists, diplomats and public figures in PNG and contributes to the development of bilateral relations between the Russian Federation and Papua New Guinea.

The centre will screen Russian features, hold Russian lessons and familiarise visitors with the culture and folklore of Russia.

The Russian ambassador to PNG, Lyudmila Vorobyova, and the founder of Miklouho-Maclay Fund, Nikolay Miklukho-Maclay, will take part in the opening ceremony, as will prime minister James Marape and other senior officials.

A folk group will sing the anthem of the Russian Federation for the first time in PNG’s history.

The Russian National Library, St. Petersburg State University, the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Miklouho-Maclay Fund and other institutions helped to equip the centre.


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Philip Kai Morre

Russians are good people, it's only the cold war between East and West in the past that makes us think that Russians are bad. Now it has all gone.

Russians have top scientists, inventors, engineers and noted academics. Like other European nations we can learn from them.

They are rich in cultural diversity and we can share information and promote our tourism. Russia is a great country and we can learn a lot from them.

John Gordon-Kirkby

Like European nations in the past, Russia can offer PNG new dimensions in world citizenship, a wealth of expertise and capital, and open up PNG to a flood of new tourists.

The more cooperation the better. It’s a small world and becoming smaller.

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