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Success through endless struggle

Roselyn Sakias
Roselyn Sakias and her girls


ENGA - Roselyn Sakias, originally from Enga, had a dream to become high school teacher. Life was rough and Roselyn faced a lot of challenges getting educated.

Many times it seemed her dream would just be that – a dream. But she completed Grade 12 at Pause secondary school in 2008 and was selected to attend the University of Goroka. That was a big step forward.

However after only one week at university, she was expelled, not because she lacked the potential or the intellect but because she had financial problems.

She returned home like an animal in the desert, full of thirst in a place with no water. Her relatives had money and could have met her fees but they felt their money would be wasted.

So Roselyn went home and started selling items so save money for the following year. She never gave up the dream of one day becoming a teacher, she remained motivated and persistent.

While at home she applied to attend Holy Trinity Teachers College and, being a bright young woman, was accepted and went to study there in 2011, having raised the fees herself through selling items on the street.

She would whisper to herself, “I have bright future and God has a special plan in my life”. That sense of mission led her to fulfill her goal and she was graduated with a diploma in teaching in 2012 and taught at primary schools for seven years.

Roselyn still wanted to teach high school and needed a degree so she applied for the university’s open campus in Mt Hagen for a two-year program and se just graduated with a degree this year 2019.

“God has many ways to lead to my dream,” she told me. “Even though I was kicked out in 2009 I still graduated with the same degree. There is nothing different.”

And she also said that this was not the end of her educational journey, that there were many more steps to go. So she is still aiming higher in the field of education.

Roselyn has big heart for everyone. And God has given her special husband to support her educational goals. He is a humble man with a wise heart. He is also a well-respected man.

The good lessons we can learn from Roselyn are her perseverance and persistence even in the hard times.

“Never allow circumstances to let your dream dim and die,” she says, “keep focusing on your dream.”

She believes life is all about struggle but there are always blossoms.

Roselyn will start teaching at her new secondary school in 2020. And I relate her story here to encourage fellow Papua New Guineans to have the courage to fight for their success with determination.

And for success, Roselyn always recommends Jesus because “without him you cannot see clearly the beauty of your future; without him you are like a blind person”.


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