Best of 2019: Curse of territoriality
Enga fighting intensifies

Best of 2019: Foreigners divided our island

Terrified Papuan tortured with a machete by an Indonesian soldier
Terrified Papuan tortured with a machete by an Indonesian soldier


WABAG - Just log into any Free West Papua website and you can view graphic videos, pictures and articles on the genocidal military operations against the Melanesian people who inhabit the western half of the island of New Guinea.

The images and stories are intimidating, cruel and chilling. You almost want to scream.

Our Melanesian forefathers did not invite foreign powers to come here to divide the large island into portions to claim for their king or queen.

Ultimate world domination and greed were their motives.

They lusted after New Guinea’s rich natural resources - like a man viewing a young woman bathing alone in a stream.

They saw our weakness – isolated communities, poorly armed, illiterate: a people living in isolation for millennia.

The people did not know the value and worth of their natural resources.

They were a people easily exploited. The invaders destroyed our rich traditions forever.

Today, they continue to exploit us – carting away our timber, gold, copper, silver, oil, gas, fish and other precious resources every second of the day. Other than the ones who assist them, the Melanesian people helplessly stand by.

Foreign powers were responsible for dividing the Island of New Guinea originally into three – Germany, Britain and the Netherlands.

You might think that today, as members of the United Nations, they would be the first people to raise concern about the indigenous people of West (now Indonesian) Papua.

They should urge the UN to intervene and persuade Indonesia to set the West Papua free, just like Australia granted independence to Papua New Guinea.

And the PNG government must act immediately to support the governor of West Papua in his calls for Indonesia to withdraw its military from carrying out more atrocities.

Over-populated countries can easily walk over hapless Melanesian states which are nothing but tiny dots in the Pacific Ocean.

The PNG government must be aware of Indonesia’s support for China in trying to stop Australia and the US from jointly building a naval base on Manus Island.


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John Gordon-Kirkby

Daniel hits the nail on the head when he states that foreigners were primarily motivated by the greed for resources in Melanesia.

There of course also were good intentioned foreigners who were motivated to bring Christianity, education, law and order and health services etc.

This state of affairs was not limited to Melanesia, but worldwide.

The conquering of the weak by the strong is as old as history itself ,and not only practiced by European nations.
It’s going on right now within PNG .

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