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ContemplationMARIE-ROSE SAU

There are moments in time when I wonder
if I am ever really true to myself
That’s when I look at the skies, the clouds,
the touch of the wind, the sun kissed rays
The feel of the leaves, the sound of the birds,
tasting feelings that swirl all around
Nature is the lover’s muse, if I may say so
Offering feelings so raw and explicit
Yes, wonderful and frightening
Testing, making me falter in awe
Craving and yearning with burning desire
to see more and feel more and want more
Yet, when rain falls and thunder claps and lightning strikes,
we quiver and shy away

There are moments in life when I wonder
if I am ever truly enough
When life presents as on a platter
surrounded with rose thorns, a beguiling threat
When tears overflow and the smile’s too shy
When sleepless night brings nothing but dread
awaiting morning to take the pain away
When a pill seems the answer to a soundless cry
And the eyes of many seem to watch me fail
When hope is a dream in a fairy tale
offering a glimpse of faith with no real purpose

But as I stand on the shore of my wondering,
holding my heart as if in my hand
I look beyond the sea stretching shamelessly
Bleak, brazen and without care
And realise that every day I must strive
to be true to myself ; It is in this moment
I’m grateful for the circumstances that brought me here
The moment for which the past has shaped me
The moment I realise I am more than enough
The moment two extremes come crashing
together to form a bond that despite despair
stands strong as the mountains,
my foremothers’ mountains,
ready to reach above the clouds and kiss the stars
Like my forefathers’ mighty rivers that never seemed to end
That come rushing through the alpine groove
Promising other places and better days;

Like the smile of sunsets dancing on kunai grass
And a new day’s dawn in the kiss of sunrise.
I am more than enough…..


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Philip Fitzpatrick

A very nice poem, Marie-Rose.

It has a gentle yet positive theme with a naturalistic base.

I particularly like this stanza:

"Craving and yearning with burning desire
to see more and feel more and want more
Yet, when rain falls and thunder claps and lightning strikes,
we quiver and shy away"

It sums up one of the greatest drawbacks in society.

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