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Sam Koim’s new appointment

Sam koim
Sam Koim - former corruption buster, now the new Commissioner-General of PNG's Internal Revenue Commission

| New Head of the Internal Revenue Commission | Edited extract

PORT MORESBY - My vision for the Internal Revenue Commission [IRC] is: “building the foundations of a robust, modern and efficient tax administration”.

Albert Einstein once said “intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them”. It is logical, not necessarily genius, to find lasting preventative measures instead of costly and repetitive firefighting solutions.

The vision is therefore to lay the foundations – getting the basic things right and moving into the future.

Under my leadership, apart from raising the revenue IRC is needed to fund the national budget, and will also:

  • Improve our services to reduce the compliance burden on taxpayers and to boost revenue collection.
  • Know our taxpayers better and serve them fairly and equitably.
  • Embark on a progressive digitisation of taxation services.
  • Invest in skills training as well as staff empowerment to boost productivity.
  • Undertake compliance enforcements actions to foster compliance.
  • Make GST as the number one revenue earner of the government.

It is my belief that there are substantial revenue leakages that need to be addressed.

Effective revenue collection is also hindered by inefficiencies in our systems and processes.

The present state is likened to us enjoying a slice of the pie, not the full pie. Addressing all of these challenges is like taking ownership of the whole pie before growing the size of the pie.

We are going to take back the slice of the pie (revenue) that is lost through leakages, tax evasion and corruption.

This will be this year’s contribution to the government’s vision to ‘Take Back PNG’.

The prime minister has challenged us to lift our performance and avoid corruption and complacency. We take to heart those words. We will strive to make IRC one of the best public institutions in the country.

It is my hope that the ultimate consequence of undertaking these strategic activities will increase the level of voluntary compliance, increase the taxpayer base, reduce the compliance gap and increase revenue collection.

And to all taxpayers, please don’t forget to pay your taxes on time.


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