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Simbu launches bushfire appeal


KUNDIAWA - Calling all the kind hearted Simbus within Papua New Guinea and abroad.

This is the time to show our solidarity with Australia - our closest neighbour, friend and strong development partner.

When we face natural disasters like the Aitape tsunami, the Rabaul volcanic eruptions and so many more, Australians were the first to be on the ground with support.

Since independence in 1975, Australia has being supporting PNG with aid grants, development programs, scholarships and more. It is fitting that we reciprocate now Australia faces an enormous bushfire disaster.

On Sunday our solid working committee of nearly 20 members, with Mathias Kin as chairperson and Michael Temai as patron, had our first meeting at the Mt Wilhelm Tourist Hotel.

The people present are in the executive and fundraising committee, and a bank account was opened yesterday. Instructions for direct deposits will soon be available on an appeal Facebook page. We collected K290 during the meeting to opening the account.

The fundraising appeal will be launched tomorrow at 10am with appeal locations at Kundiawa, Chuave and Kerowagi.


PORT MORESBY - Papua New Guinea prime minister James Marape offered Australia his "sympathies, sorrow and grief in your moment of pain".

"Australia is the closest friend of PNG and is always the first in PNG in our times of adversities and we offer our hearts and our hands to you in this time of fire-induced tragedies," Mr Marape said.

He said he had spoken to Australian prime minister Scott Morrison and offered a combined group of 1,000 soldiers and firefighters to Australia. Mr Morrison said the Australian Defence Force was assessing offers from PNG, Singapore and New Zealand.


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William Dunlop

Tis you Francis. That's the real Big Man in Chimbu. Olsem taim blo bipo. Slantie.

Francis Nii

Bill, the great news is that I set the target at K400,000 which everybody thought was impossible but now we have surpassed that.

In two weeks time, we will be presenting a check of K425,000 to the national government-sanctioned fundraising PNG Heart for Australia Bushfire Appeal. This is the amount the Simbu team raised.

Not bad mate and thank you for having faith in me.

William Dunlop

Francis, old friend what can I say, your blood is worth bottling, In spite of all your health afflictions you have time to think of your Australian neighbors in their time of dire need. Thank you.

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