Thinking to lose weight, maybe
Will gold mining return to Misima?

Born Of Woman

Born of Woman (Sigimet)RAYMOND SIGIMET

I dedicate this poem to my wife Julieth and son Boaz. Boaz came into this life on 28 August 2019 through Caesarean section at Boram Hospital, Wewak

I am born of woman 
Who I call my mother 
My first life lived in her 
Before I became man 

I am made in woman 
Who first feels my flutter 
And sleeps with her fear 
When I am not yet man

I am part of woman 
Being born of my mother 
She nurtured me from matter
And from child to become man 

I am blood of woman 
Her womb where I know her 
Joy and pain embrace her 
When she sees her man 

She is my first woman 
Her love pours within her 
Her strength is my character 
From her I become man 


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Raymond Sigimet

Thank you Fr Garry, Philip and William for your comments, much appreciated. I've decided to do a Tok Pisin version of this simple poem. Hope you like this, cheers!


Mi em bon long meri
Em mi kolim mama
Mi stap pas wantaim em
Bifo mi kamap man

Mi kamap long meri
Husait filim pas mi
Na silip stap poret
Taim mi i no man yet

Mi stap wantaim meri
Bon long mama blong mi
Em bin lukautim mi
Mangi yet inap man

Mi em blut blong meri
Long bel yet mi save
Hamamas pen blong em
Taim em lukim mi man

Em yet meri blong mi
Em laikim mi insait
Strong blong em mi kamap
Long em mi kamap man

William Dunlop

Fr Garry - A mother's love is indeed a blessing in itself.

Philip Kai Morre

Thanks for a good poem. The beauty of our mothers who made us what we are now. They suffered silently but learned to be resilient all throughout life. Their sufferings brings joy and we are product of our mothers.

Garry Roche

Raymond, thank you for a beautiful poem and the acknowledgment of what we men owe to mothers. Maybe we too often take it all for granted.

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