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Embassy tries to quell corona concerns

Xue Bing  China's ambassador to PNG
Ambassador Xue Bing - "The xenophobic attacks against Chinese people are more serious than the corona virus itself"

| National Broadcasting Corporation

PORT MORESBY - Chinese citizens in Papua New Guinea are being urged to be cautious in their movements after growing discrimination due to the corona virus outbreak.

The Chinese embassy in PNG said it's worried about the stigma and hate speech the virus has caused on Chinese people, not only in PNG but in other countries as well.

There are many shops and businesses, including major projects in PNG, run and operated by Chinese companies and citizens.

China's ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing has described the xenophobic attacks against Chinese people to be more serious than the corona virus itself.

"Such perceptions and discrimination are even worse than the virus itself, so people need to have proper understanding and know the right measures to prevent,” Mr Xue said.

"And of course they have already shown some sentiments not only here but in other countries as well, but we have to close all that and we have to educate our people on how to correctly address this situation."

Meantime, the Chinese embassy in Port Moresby is urging Papua New Guineans not to panic but to be rational and believe that China will contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The comment came as there is widespread fear amongst people regarding the spread of coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China.

Mr Xue assured PNG that China has the capacity to deal with the critical issues at hand.

"You have to believe in China. We have every confidence and every ability to control and contain such virus and win the final war against it,” he said.

"We have to continue to work with PNG, with regards to the PNG nationals in China, and we are prepared to assist in any way possible.

"If there is anything needs to be done, please let us know, and we will do our best, while we fight against this disease.

"We still like to have international coordination and corporation including PNG," said Xue Bing.


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