A canoe goes missing
Communicate virus better say journos

Go Bek Gen


Yu mas go bek gen long ples
Ol samting blong yu stap
Yu yet noken pilim les 
Na yu raun na hangamap
Ples laikim yu soim pes 
Hauslain tu ol stap long hap

Yu mas go bek gen long ples
Ol samting blong yu bai lus
Sapos yu no soim pes 
Long ol tumbuna long bus
Ol samting bai gat jeles 
Ol bai stap na pulim nus 

Maski raun nating nating
Na lus tingting long go bek 
Ol pisin wok long singsing 
Wantaim ol switpela nek 
Yu tu mas wokim tingting 
Long go bek na putim lek

Maski raun nating nating 
Na lus ting long graun blong yu 
Ol bus diwai na samting
Laik lukim yu stap klostu
Yu mas kirapim tingting 
Long go bek long graun blong yu


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Raymond Sigimet

Thank you Arthur and Paul, much appreciated. Mi hamamas yutupela givim liklik stori na sampela tingting long go wantaim dispela poem.

Paul Oates

Tenkyu tumas Reimon. Tasol tok pisin blo yu em narakain liklik olsem lo tok pisin blo mi.

Maski. Em samting nating. Mi save lo toktok blo yu na mi save gut lo tingting blo you na likjlik stori oa tok piksa yu bin mekim.

Arthur Williams

Good one Raymond. If only they would do what you tell them to do.

Sadly my extended family was terrorised and chased away from their island home a few years now. The violent acts continue to this day or so a relative told me on the phone this week.

Villages badly damaged or destroyed and people in fear of entering the jungle around their hamlets or villages.

I believe my beautiful spot where i was first married is vacant. I know that her ancestors had lived in the area for at least 100 years and there were very tall coconuts palms and large fruit trees on several of the hills around our little valley that give evidence to the occupancy claims.

My several families are squatting on another tribe's land in Kavieng which in years to come could be a major problem for them.

The police in Taskul and/or Kavieng seem unable to control the mayhem on the island.

I know my children grand children nieces etc etc are afraid to set foot at home again.

Can't see them going back!

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