Where did the kiaps go
The story of Joseph, once Kurai

her pain is private


he wanted a woman with sparkling eyes
that cannot see beyond the kitchen
he wanted her to have big ears
for him to shout into
and fine lips he could kiss
that will never talk back
she must use her head but not think
a woman who when hurt
can scream but not speak
her pain is private

he wanted a woman with strong arms
to tend to his pigs
firm shoulders that can carry firewood
to keep him warm
legs that execute his bidding swiftly
she must know how to prepare good food
that will earn him a respectable tummy
he wanted a woman with 'pasin'
so that his 'wantoks' can laud him during feasts
she must be sweet but not seen
her praise is private

she must have a fine body
for him to boast of
breasts that can sizzle the lust out of priests
a behind that would turn the heads
of the mass with every step
she must be curvaceous enough
to make the mute croon a lovesong
just like in the movies but with a melanesian touch
she must be sexy and silent
her pride is private


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Michael Dom

There is much to be said for this poem.

It is good for us.

That is the best I can say of it in short.

The silence is necessary.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I thought this poem would attract a lot more comment.

Maybe people recognise themselves in it and are too embarrassed to say anything.

The silence is most telling.

Iso Yawi

Inspiring. Thanks bro Wardley.

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