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PNG reacts to corona virus

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PORT MORESBY - The Papua New Guinea department of health has said PNG is among the high risk nations of contracting the corona virus because of its location in the Asia-Pacific region.

Acting health secretary Dr Paison Dakulala said PNG has joined the world in stepping up efforts to contain the deadly virus, which has so far infected 11,000 people and killed 200.

He assured the nation that measures are in place and citizens must not panic.

"We are in close proximity and there is a lot of travel from China and the flow of travellers to and from China, so that's the reason why we are one of the high-risk nations,'' said Dr Dakulala.

Meantime he said provinces must work with the national government to prevent the coronavirus from entering PNG.

He said this after travel bans were independently imposed on Chinese nationals by the governments of East Sepik and Oro provinces amid concerns over the spread of the virus.

Dr Dakulala said the health department, with its partners and other government agencies, are doing all they can to address the issue at a national level.


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Josephine Kulwa-Asunu

Can we place a tighter control measures on travellers traveling in and out of the Country? Lock down for certain period of time to control/ prevent this worldwide spread of Corona virus.
Why? because a developing country like us is not equipped to handle a rapid and spread of an epidemic. We are unable to fully care for ourselves as it is. We are unable to reach out to our remote areas to be able to prevent or treat cases.

Lets be smart now then to regret later.

Just saying..

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